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Five Things to Ask your Golf Course Superintendent Regularly

Take A Pro-Active Approach to Maintaining Your Course

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With summer upon us, the days are growing longer and for many courses, the golf season is in full swing.  Your plans and budgets are in place to help guide your superintendent and maintenance program through the heat of the summer and rest of the year. 

Daily Superintendent Questions - Osprey Point Golf Course Sprinklers
Taking a pro-active approach with your superintendent can keep you ahead of the competition.

Of course, you should trust in their expertise and experience to execute your program and deliver the best conditions possible.  At the same time, it is prudent to keep a helpful, active eye on your maintenance program.  This is not micro-managing, but rather a pro-active approach toward staying on top of issues and offering support to ensure your course continues to flourish.  Over and above monitoring budgets, regular reporting, and member feedback, the following questions offer an approach to use as you collaborate with your golf course superintendent.

  1. Have you needed to make any significant changes to your maintenance plans?
    Don’t be surprised if the answer is yes, as extreme weather or unexpected disease pressure can require a change in course.  It is not uncommon for there to be unforeseen issues which cause areas of concern that need extra attention. 

  1. How is your maintenance equipment holding up?
    Of course, there are going to be repairs needed and quite often, major fixes that were unexpected.  Is the team having issues keeping any major pieces of equipment operating correctly and in the field?  Is there a need for any mid-season replacements for equipment that had been expected to last the season?

  1. How is the maintenance crew holding up?
    In particular in the current environment, ask if the team is fully staffed.  Labor is tight and expensive and many crews are working shorthanded.  If your team is shorthanded, what is the plan for filling openings?  What does it take in today’s market to attract and retain the highest quality individuals for each position?  And with shorthanded crews, your team may be having to do more on the course, yet with fewer time periods when there are no golfers on the course. 

  1. How is the golf course holding up?
    This may seem pretty obvious, but it is always valuable to get your superintendent’s perspective on what he or she sees as the challenges and weaknesses on the course.  Don’t just accept a one-word response. Get their thoughts on what is happening and how the maintenance program needs to adapt to keep the course in the condition you need for success.

  1. How are you holding up?  What can I do to help? 
    The summer season is stressful on your superintendent, as well as your golf course.  How are they holding up under the mental and physical stress of the summer season?  Offer what support and encouragement you can.  Recognize the good things that are being achieved and do not just point out what needs to be done and relay complaints.  A leader who feels supported will support the broader team better and that is critical to a successful season.

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