Cascata Golf Club

The Golf Course at Cascata: Partnering for Success

A complete agronomic plan has resulted in high-quality course conditions that are driving golfers to Cascata.

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The golf course at Cascata in Boulder City, Nev., is terrific…for many reasons.  There is the immediate feeling of seclusion upon entrance to the property, impressive flowing water features (a river flows through the club house), stunning vistas at every turn - including the 3,600-foot peak at Red Mountain - bighorn sheep roaming the hills, and perfect turf on the golf course. All of these contribute to making Cascata a special place.  

As surveys show, high-quality golf course conditions are what golfers hope for in every golf experience and is a key factor in their decision of where to play.  Excellent turf conditions is the daily norm at Cascata, which was recognized by Golf Digest as one of America's 100 Greatest Public Courses.  No matter whether you play on a Saturday morning or a Wednesday afternoon, you can expect the same turf conditions and playing experience. 

Great playing conditions don’t just happen by chance nor immediately.  BrightView Golf Maintenance has partnered with Cascata since 2018.  Regular diagnostics of soil, water, and plant tissue samples provide our staff PhD agronomist the data needed to prescribe an exact chemical and fertilizer program.   Along with bringing a complete fleet of the proper equipment and a super experienced GCSAA certified staff, these methods have steadily improved conditions with measured results.    

BrightView has partnered with Cascata since 2018 in managing their golf course maintenance program
BrightView has partnered with Cascata since 2018 in managing thier golf course maintenance program

BrightView Golf Maintenance has the scale and financial strength to help our partners beyond agronomics.  We constantly assess infrastructure and help with its improvements.   Beyond our ‘no guesswork’ approach to an agronomic plan, below is a deeper look into what BrightView Golf Maintenance did to aid in Cascata’s success. 

·       Complete renovation of the irrigation pump stations to restore functionality to the irrigation system over the very hilly terrain

·       Regular cultural programs to improve conditions, including consistent greens topdressing, aerifications, and spring transition of over-seeded fairways back to Bermudagrass

·       Continued fairway programs to develop Bermuda base throughout the summer with aggressive fertilizer/chemical programs, grooming, and even sodding

·       Managed greenside bunker renovation program, including liner replacement, drainage, and new sand

·       Deployed an entire new fleet of equipment, from cutting units to cultural units

BrightView Golf Maintenance uses its prescriptive approach to agronomic excellence on all of its partner properties. This enables the front of the house team to have confidence that they are always aware of what golfers will encounter on the golf course any day of the week. 

Cascata certainly leaves you with a feel good vibe, which leads to its proclaimed stature.  High-quality turf conditions contribute to the ‘vibe,’ but those conditions are attributable to a well-planned and prescriptive approach.

Would you like to learn more on how BrightView and our team of experts can help your course manage your equipment and maintenance cost? Contact us today and we'd be happy to discuss how we can help you get the most out of your equipment plan.