Weed Prevention Tips

Gain Control Over Weeds

Proven Methods For Effective Weed Control.

Weed control is a top priority in maintaining the beauty of your commercial landscape. We can all agree they ruin the look of a well-manicured landscape. And if they aren't eradicated before they go to seed, it will be a constant battle.

First we must understand what types are the most prevalent in your landscape. Then we must decide on the best course of action to eradicate, or at a minimum, reduce them. These control methods can include cultural, physical, mechanical, and chemical measures.

Weed Prevention: Stop Them Before They Start

What if we could prevent weeds from even making an appearance in your commercial landscape? Prevention starts during the design process. Choosing the right plantings, ground covers, the right quantity of each, and the right support materials can reduce the number of weeds.

New Plant Selection

Effective Weed Control Methods
Weed control methods can include cultural, physical, mechanical, and chemical measures.

At BrightView, we work closely with our growers to ensure our new container plantings are virtually weed-free. We choose plants that will flourish in your environment taking into consideration how many of each variety will be needed. As these new plantings thrive, they will give weeds little to no room to grow.

Ground Cover

The use of ground covers works the same way. As they mature and cover more surface, weeds are physically suppressed from growing. Ground covers also help prevent seeds from germinating by eliminating needed sunlight. Learn more about the best choices and effectiveness of ground covers.

Health Soil and Compost

When choosing which compost, topsoil, and mulch materials we want to use, BrightView pays the same attention to weed prevention. Properly treating compost to temperatures between 140F and 150F ensures that any weeds are killed. Adding compost to your soil helps oxygen reach plant roots, helping them flourish. The healthier the soil the fewer weeds. 


As we shared before, mulching protects your plantings. It keeps the soil cool and moist especially during the hot summer months. In contrast, it prevents weeds from growing by removing their light and oxygen sources. Mulches can be the easiest and most effective way to control weeds in your commercial landscape. 

Irrigation Control

One final preventative tip...deprive weeds of needed water by using drip irrigation and soaker hoses. These two types of irrigation methods allow you to efficiently and effectively water your plants and shrubs...and nothing else...allowing them to thrive. Without a water source, germination is reduced by up to 70%. 

Landscape conditions for golf courses are of utmost importance and are monitored closely by golf superintendents. We feel the same at BrightView. So much so we developed an automated control program in partnership with experts from Michigan State University. The program provides superintendents year over year data to develop action plans. 

Weed Removal: Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Even though all the right preventative measures were put into place, you still have weeds. It happens to the best of landscapes. No worries, you won't be stuck with them long. 

The best time for hand weeding is after a good watering - whether from a drenching rain or from an irrigation system. This is the most precise method of removing the entire plant and is the safest way to not damage any surrounding plantings.

In dryer conditions, slice off weeds just below the soil surface with a sharp-edged hoe. This will deprive the roots of sunlight leaving them to shrivel up and die. 

Let BrightView Commercial Landscaping Help You

BrightView takes pride in the landscapes we create for our clients. Staring with the design phase, we aim to bring your vision to life choosing the right plantings for your environment. 

The state of your landscape speaks volumes about your property and therefore needs to be properly maintained. It will be important to balance the visual appeal of your property with the cost to sustain and protect it.

You can benefit from a comprehensive commercial landscape maintenance plan designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, no matter the environment or season.