Keeping our Teams Safe During COVID

Here’s How We’re Keeping You & Our Teams Safe From COVID-19

We’re Not Letting Our Guard Down

Feb 12, 2021 |

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Taking care of what matters most is a point of pride for us. So, when it comes to COVID-19 prevention, we’re not cutting any corners. As the pandemic continues, we’re taking the utmost precautions to protect you and our landscaping teams in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines and the latest guidance from public health leaders. This is how we’re keeping you safe:

Daily Health Screening

Our employees are screened for COVID-19 symptoms prior to each shift. Anyone with potential COVID-19 symptoms or suspected exposure is directed to quarantine following CDC guidelines. Employees who test positive or are exposed to COVID-19 receive paid time off to quarantine.

Proper PPE & Social Distancing

Keeping our teams safe during covid.
Keeping our teams safe during COVID-19 is our top priority.

We give our teams the tools they need to keep themselves and those around them safe. Our teams receive face coverings, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, alcohol-based wipes and access to convenient hand washing stations. We’ve also staggered shifts to support social distancing and limited the number of passengers per truck.

Continuing Education

As we continue to learn more about COVID-19, it’s important we keep our teams apprised of the latest. Weekly safety talks and strategic signage help our teams stay in-the-know on the latest prevention best practices on the job and off, as well as how to recognize symptoms.


Contingency Plans for Service Continuity

In the event a landscape maintenance branch is impacted by COVID-19, we’ve created contingency plans that ensure clients can safely receive uninterrupted service. While affected team members quarantine until cleared by a physician to return to work, trained crews from other unaffected areas of the business will provide coverage.  

One of the most important tools of prevention is staying informed. We continue to monitor the latest recommendations from public health leaders to ensure our preventative measures reflect current best practices. While we might be far apart, you can rest assured that safety remains close to our heart.