How Sustainability Can Benefit Your Landscape and Your Budget

Greener landscapes can be a smart investment

Making more sustainable choices for your landscape can have a positive impact on the environment, those who use or live on your property, your landscape crew, and your budget. 

Here are a just a few reasons to go green:

  • Reduced labor, water, and fertilizer costs and lower hauling expenses and disposal fees thanks to composting, mulching, and recycling.

  • Less exposure to workmen's compensation claims as a result of crew lifting heavy loads of plant material.

  • Grasscycling (a mowing method that results in natural recycling of grass clippings), composting, and mulching return valuable organic material to the soil, which in turn increases the soil's water-holding capacity, reduces erosion, and conserves water.

  • Proper watering, fertilizing, and pruning, along with integrated pest management practices, encourage healthier, disease-resistant plants and reduce the amount of toxic run-off entering storm drains and polluting watershed, creeks, lakes, and rivers.

  • Making more organic choices in landscaping products and fertilizers reduces the amount of chemical exposure to maintenance crews and those who work, live, or play on or near your property.

  • Working with experts and doing a Sustainability Audit can help create a strategic, cost-efficient approach focused on long-term benefits.

  • In addition, LEED®-certified consultants can help you ensure best practices for any landscape/hardscaping initiatives you undertake and help you earn your LEED credits.

The benefits add up, not to mention the social and consumer response to your efforts. People are noticing brands that go green, according to Nielson, and they are willing to pay up for more sustainable options. So, when you’re planning your budget for your next project or fiscal year, consider greener possibilities.

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