Recovering from the Rainy Season

Above-average rainfall allowed for BrightView to advance employee education

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Statewide Preceipitation Ranks
An above average rainfall drenched the East Coast this spring.

April showers bring May showers? Rain, rain, and more rain is what spring brought to many regions, including an above average rainfall along the East Coast.

And what comes with rainy weather? Healthy, but fast-growing turf that is also plagued with unruly weeds. As our branches worked to maintain the increased growth, we encountered critical scheduling challenges.

With the increase in rain this spring, we lost days of being able to service your properties, thereby also putting operations behind schedule. To make the most of the days lost, our teams used those rainy days to advance employee education through training sessions. In order to recover from those rainy days and prepare for the summer, our teams worked later when possible and even into the weekends, as necessary.

Although the spring's rainy season was challenging, it brought us the healthy green turf we get to enjoy today. With the very rainy season behind us, we thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigated the challenges of record-setting rainfall.

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