What to expect from a Career in Landscaping

This is What It’s Like to Work in Landscaping

5 Things to Know About Your Next Career Opportunity

Imagine a career where no two days are the same. You get to work with your hands and bring big dreams to life. Best of all, the impact of your work will be enjoyed by an entire community. Sound intriguing? You might be surprised to learn a landscaping job can give you all this and more. Here’s what to expect when you choose a career in the green industry: 

1. Your Office is the Outdoors

If the thought of being stuck inside behind a desk all day makes you shudder, then a landscape career may be a good fit. One of the perks of working in the green industry is that enjoying the great outdoors is part of the job. You’re never stuck in one place, as you’ll serve different clients. Plus, it’s a hands-on job, engaging both mind and body.

2. Duties Will Change with the Seasons

Just like the weather changes with the seasons, so too will your daily duties. Spring and summer are among the busiest for the landscape industry, as the active growing season means plants need extra attention. In the fall and winter, the focus shifts to preparing landscapes for the colder months, and in some regions, performing snow removal.

3. A No One-Size-Fits-All Career

The landscape industry encompasses a wide range of capabilities, which means your career path can take a variety of shapes. From design to construction, maintenance to enhancements, there are many specialties within each stage of landscape care. For example, landscape construction requires craftsmen like masons and carpenters. Landscape maintenance teams need irrigation specialists, tree care specialists and spray technicians. These are just a few examples. Whatever your interests, chances are the landscape industry has an opportunity that suits them.

4. Room to Grow

You don’t need a formal horticulture education to join the landscape industry. For many positions, on-the-job training is provided. Plus, it’s an industry where hard work and dedication are rewarded with advancement. Crew members who excel can move up to crew leader or foreman, and on to branch management and beyond.

5. New Challenges Everyday

Plants are living beings, so landscapes constantly change—meaning every day brings a new set of challenges. Whether troubleshooting a plant healthcare issue, or seeking new ways to optimize a property’s irrigation, clients will rely on you to think critically to help them solve problems and maximize their landscape. You’ll also be challenged creatively when you help bring to life your clients’ visions, whether in a full-scale renovation or a seasonal color installation.

Working in the landscape industry can be a fulfilling and rewarding career, especially for those who love the outdoors and working with their hands. As an essential service with no geographic constraints, it’s an industry that provides job security and a wealth of opportunities. If you’re ready to explore the possibilities, check out our open positions, or join our talent community now

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