How to Find a Job During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tips for Job Hunting During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Look for a Career in the Landscaping Industry

Five years ago, job hunting tips wouldn’t seem like an unusual topic. But if we wrote an article about job hunting during a global pandemic, you would might have thought we were crazy.

Yet, here we are, in the new reality. As difficult as the current situation may be, life goes on and so too will your career. So, how do you move forward? Here are some tips.

Landscaping Career Opportunities
Look to a career in the landscaping industry.

Yes, some companies are still hiring.

You’ve probably already heard that shipping and delivery companies, as well as grocery stores and the healthcare industry are hiring in droves. But, those aren’t your only options. Some companies within other essential industries are also on the lookout for new team members. The landscape industry is one great example. Landscaping is considered an essential service because it’s necessary to maintaining the infrastructure and safety of our communities. The good news is, opportunities in the landscape industry aren’t only for proven green thumbs. Here at BrightView, our open opportunities span a broad range of skillsets—from crew member to business developer, branch management and beyond.

Prioritize companies that are putting safety first.

Want to size up a company quickly? Check out what they’re doing to keep their employees and customers safe during the pandemic. Their response will speak volumes about how they care for their people. Many companies are posting this information to their websites, but be sure to check their social media channels, too. For reference, you can view our COVID-19 Response here. And remember—if a company’s policy isn’t clear, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification during the interview. 

Strengthen your network.

Even if a company doesn’t have a current opening posted that fits what you’re looking for, that doesn’t mean there might not be one in the future. Connect with potential hiring managers on LinkedIn or via email to let them know you’re interested in their company and the skills you have to offer. Better yet, if you have a mutual connection, ask them to make an introduction. It’s a great way to get yourself on their radar. 

Overcome quarantine boredom by learning a new skillset.

If quarantine has you nursing a severe case of cabin fever, we have the cure. Learn a new skillset or get a certification that will help you stand out to hiring managers. There’s a wealth of free and low-cost resources online, from virtual classes to instructional YouTube videos and digital library access. If the landscape industry interests you, brush up on your horticultural knowledge by checking the website of your local agricultural extension for intel on local plants, their care, and the insects and diseases that affect them.  Or, browse our Resources section.

Whatever you do, don’t despair.

Sure, this might not be the ideal time to search for a job, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find one. Keep your chin up and keep trying. By continuing your search, you’re demonstrating a key trait many employers value: determination.

Ready to put those tips to good use? BrightView is hiring. Browse our open positions here.

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