A "Winter" Wonderland in South Florida for the Holidays

Transform the Tropical Holiday into a Winter Wonderland

Festive South Florida landscaping for the season

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In Florida, where winter boasts sunshine and tropical breezes, creating a holiday wonderland takes an imaginative touch. At BrightView, we believe in turning landscapes into festive showcases that capture the unique spirit of the season. 

Decorate your palm trees instead of the more traditional pine trees for a unique look.

Tropical Holiday Palette: Bringing Vibrancy to the Season

The traditional red and green color scheme in South Florida takes a tropical twist. Embrace vibrant colors — lush greens, bright pinks, and blues — that define our local flora. Incorporate festive hues into planters, flower beds, and outdoor decorations for a cheerful and distinctive holiday ambiance.

Palm Tree Elegance: Rethinking Holiday Trees

Swap the traditional evergreen for the iconic palm trees that define our landscape. Adorn them with sparkling lights, festive ornaments, and a touch of tinsel. Transform your palm trees into living holiday statements, offering a refreshing take on the classic winter scene.

Create a wonderland of lights by illuminating palm trees, pathways, and architectural features.

Creative Lighting Displays: Illuminating South Florida Nights

South Florida's winter nights provide the perfect canvas for dazzling light displays. Illuminate pathways, trees, and architectural features with energy-efficient LED lights. Incorporate multicolored lights for a playful and dynamic touch that lights up the night in festive brilliance.

Water Features with a Festive Flair: Adding a Touch of Enchantment

Enhance your commercial landscape with water features that reflect the holiday spirit. Floating candles, festive aquatic plants, and temporary fountains adorned with holiday-themed decorations can create a serene and enchanting atmosphere, complementing the festive surroundings.

Use seasonal plants that will thrive in the climate, including poinsettias, bromeliads, and amaryllis.

Seasonal Plantings: Blossoming in the "Winter" Breeze

Introduce seasonal plants that thrive in South Florida's "winter" climate. Poinsettias, bromeliads, and amaryllis add bursts of color to your landscape, ensuring a vibrant display throughout the holiday season. Seasonal plantings infuse your space with a touch of nature's holiday magic.

A Festive Oasis in the Sunshine State

We specialize in turning outdoor spaces into Florida "winter" wonderlands that captivate and celebrate the spirit of the holidays. 

Contact us today to discover how we can bring joy and enchantment to your commercial landscape this season, making it a truly magical destination. 

Embrace the tropical holiday spirit and stand out in the South Florida sun.