Season in 60 - Spring Edition (Now, New & To Do)

Now, New & To Do - Season in 60: Southeast Spring Edition

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Got a minute? That’s all it takes to download what your landscape needs this Spring. “Season in 60” is a one-minute video brief from your BrightView Landscape Florida experts. 

Each quarter, we’ll distill actionable tips and important reminders into a short 60-second video. Consider it your go-to for staying up-to-date on what to know, what’s new, and what to do for your best landscape yet. 

No more sifting through generic advice online; just the information you need from a trusted partner who knows our Florida landscapes well.

And best of all, should you have questions or need to schedule service, your local team is just a phone call away.

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Hurricane Ready? We can help!

Last year’s hurricane season dealt Florida some difficult blows, from Hurricane Ian to Hurricane Nicole. As we near the threshold of the 2023 season, will we be dealt a better hand? Unfortunately, the answer is no more definitive than “maybe.”

Video Transcription

Now, New & To Do | Season in 60: Southeast Spring Edition

If you’re ready for spring, you’re in the right place. I’m Ryan Walter, Director of Sales at BrightView Landscaping, coming to you from Coral Gables, Florida, at the Biltmore Resort with the latest Season in 60. Here’s what to know now, what’s new, and what to do for a successful Spring season.  

Let’s get ready for growing Season. Now’s the time to fertilize, apply pre-emergent to keep weeds at bay, and clean up beds, shrubs, and trees to make way for new growth. Check out our Spring Checklist to learn more.

Speaking of new clients, Village Walk and Lakeridge Greens are looking forward to their best landscape yet, with 30-, 60-, and 90-day plans to fast-track results in their communities. See how they’re taking a new approach in the links below.

Finally, here are your “to-dos” for this Season.

To conserve moisture, reduce weeds, and insulate against upcoming warmer temps, lay down a fresh layer of mulch.

Be sure to get your spring color in the ground during these milder months, giving new plants time to adjust before hot weather arrives.

That’s your Season in Sixty. For support all year long, visit us at