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Trees: To Remove, or Not to Remove?

Answers to one of tree care's most difficult questions

When should I remove a Tree from my landscape?
A certified arborist can tell you if you trees need to be removed for safety reasons.

No one wants to think about removing trees from their property, but sometimes it’s an unfortunate reality. When a tree moves from an asset to liability, it’s time to call in the experts for safe and efficient removal. Here’s how to know if removal is something you should consider:

It’s Time to Take Down the Risk

Trees that are dead, dying, damaged beyond repair, or diseased are obvious instances in which removal is required. Their compromised structural integrity, plus the risk of spreading disease to healthy trees, necessitates swift action. But in some instances, the case for removal is less obvious. When a tree begins to encroach on buildings or structures, or is growing in a direction that indicates it could soon be problematic, then it may be time to consider removal. A certified arborist can assess whether pruning may still be an option to maintain a safe proximity or if the tree should be removed to preserve your property’s safety.

It’s Time to Give Your Trees Some Space

When given the ideal space to grow, trees add value to your property and boost curb appeal. However, the reality is that trees on many properties don’t have a healthy radius for growth. When crowding becomes a problem, not only do your trees suffer, but the rest of your landscape can, too. Selective removal can provide added sunlight that benefits surrounding plants and turf and helps melt snow and ice faster in the winter. Plus, selective removal is a valuable tool in maintaining safe visibility levels on your property, keeping sightlines to the building clear. It also creates additional open space that will enhance aesthetics and provide new possibilities for your landscape.

Tree Removal Experts
Tree removal can add beauty and value to your property when done correctly.

It’s Time to Call an Expert

Things in life are easy to DIY, but tree removal is not one of them. Tree removal is difficult and dangerous work. Oftentimes, the offending trees are close to buildings and other structures. Because of this, tree removal should only be done by licensed, certified arborists who have the training and experience to safely remove the tree without endangering people or property. 


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