Step by Step Guide to Overseeding

What to Expect When Overseeding Your Lawn

A Step by Step Guide

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The best way to enjoy a green lawn during winter is to overseed with perennial ryegrass. It is quick to germinate, mows well and has fine leaf blades with dark green color.

STEP 1 — Scalping

Turf areas on your property need to be prepared before we can put down seed. To maximize seed-to-soil contact, we will drop the mowing height to the lowest setting. This process, called scalping, cuts the Bermuda or Kikuya grass down to its “runners” and leaves some soil showing. 

STEP 2 — Seeding

Sample Overseed Watering SchedulePerennial ryegrass is seeded at variable pounds of seed per thousand square feet. To minimize overlaps and skips, we spread half the seed in one direction and the other half in a perpendicular direction. 

STEP 3 — Water

Water is critical! A moist seedbed is needed for a period of 7-10 days to allow the seed to germinate. To achieve this, we will be required to water your turf multiple times a day with just enough water to keep the top 1/2” wet. Watering run times vary by type of sprinkler head. The amount of water required will become less as the seed germinates and matures. If the seed dries out, it will not germinate. 

STEP 4 — Mowing

Wait 10 to 14 days after germination before mowing for the first time. We never remove more than 30% of the leaf at one time. After the first mow, irrigation frequency can be reduced.

STEP 5 — Fertilize for Healthy Turf

To keep your new lawn green and healthy, it is best to fertilize after the first mow.

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BrightView takes pride in the landscapes we create for our clients. Starting with the design phase, we aim to bring your vision to life choosing the right plantings for your environment. 

The state of your landscape speaks volumes about your property and therefore needs to be properly maintained. It will be important to balance the visual appeal of your property with the cost to sustain and protect it.

You can benefit from a comprehensive landscape maintenance plan designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, no matter the environment or season.