This is Why You Need an Irrigation System

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Here’s a bit of trivia. What resource can improve the health and appearance of your landscape, save you time and money, and helps reduce weeds, pests, plant diseases and fungi? Surprise—it’s an irrigation system. This landscape superhero can make all the difference for your property. If you don’t yet have one, here’s what to consider.

Curb Appeal of Sprinklers
Irrigation systems provide vibrant landscapes that receive the exact amount of water needed to flourish.

These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Sprinklers

You might be envisioning the irrigation systems of old—large, unsightly sprinklers that detract from the appearance of your landscape. But irrigation systems have come a long way, and today’s systems are only visible when in use, or in the case of drip irrigation, not visible at all. Plus, today’s technology includes smart, cloud-enabled solutions that can automatically adjust irrigation based on your local conditions.

Irrigation Boosts Your Property Value

Having an irrigation system makes your property more valuable all around. The upgrade is a major selling point to potential buyers should you be in the market to sell. It’s also an attractive feature for conservation-minded tenants who will appreciate the water-saving benefit. And finally, an irrigation system can help you maintain consistent curb appeal, especially during the heat of the summer months when dry soil can lead to bald spots in your lawn and stressed plants that are more vulnerable to pests and disease.

Convenient & Cost-Effective

Sure, you could drag around a hose and hand water as needed, but that’s ineffective for a number of reasons. Aside from being a time-consuming, clunky process, hand watering is prone to user error. Are you overwatering? Underwatering? It’s hard to know, especially since different plants have different water needs.

This is where an irrigation system excels. With today’s smart technology, your system can be set to run at the optimum cadence, time of day, and duration for your landscape. Rain sensors can turn off your system to save you money during a storm. Soil sensors monitor the moisture level in your soil and adjust watering as needed. There are even flow sensors that can alert you to unusually high or low water usage and turn off your system if a leak is detected. And best of all, WIFI-enabled controllers make it easy for you or your landscape partner to manage your system from anywhere.

Totally Customizable

Today’s irrigation systems can be configured a number of ways, making them tailor-fit for your property. This further allows for cost savings by reducing run-off, maximizing performance and ensuring you don’t pay for features or equipment you don’t need. When designing your irrigation system, your landscape partner will consider factors like drainage, slopes, hills, and your specific plant material. For example, they might recommend drip irrigation for its ability to deliver targeted amounts of water close to the soil.

How to Make the Leap

When you’re ready to install a system, enlist a licensed and insured landscape partner, like BrightView, with irrigation specialists on staff. They’ll carefully explain the technology to help you make the best choice for your property. They’ll also discuss ongoing management of your system to adjust configuration as needed and devise a plan that work with your preferences, such as remote management capabilities, in-house management, or management by your landscape partner.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, don’t forget to arrange for regular maintenance and inspection once your irrigation is installed. Your landscape partner will recommend appropriate intervals for this service based on your system and may also recommend winterization based on your region. Regular maintenance is crucial to prevent issues that could require costly repairs down the line and to keep your system running in peak efficiency. It’s a simple way to protect your investment and ensure it continues to deliver benefits for years to come.