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BrightView crews work to clear snow during a snow event last yer.

Are you ready for winter? Experts warn that we shouldn’t expect a repeat of last year’s mild snowfall. According to the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center, modeling suggests a El Niño pattern may emerge, leading to more precipitation than last year’s La Niña.

This winter we expect to see the coldest weather later in winter, with February being the coldest month. In the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, experts predict most snowfall will come in the form of a small number of large storms. On the other hand, in the Upper Plains and Midwest, predictions are for a larger number of small storms. In the Great Lakes, warmer temps on the lakes means that lake effect snow will keep snow totals high all winter long.

Areas from Philadelphia on south are predicted to have a higher-than-average number of snow events above 6”. North of Philadelphia should expect to see fewer large events but may see an increase in mixed events.

This winter will start mild with lower-than-average snow fall in November and December. But don’t let that fool you. A cold January is expected to lead to a frigid February and with those temperatures brings an increase in snow events. March brings a possibility of a few remaining snow events.

In short—expect a mixed bag this winter. While we may get a slow start, it’s important to line up your snow and ice services early, because as previous years have shown us, Mother Nature likes to throw a curve ball. 

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