What Should I Do After My Daffodils Have Bloomed? - Ask BrightView



Ask BrightView: Episode 25

Daffodils may be a spring flower, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be preserved and enjoyed for many more springs. BrightView Horticulturist Bruce Hellerick gives some useful tips for pruning daffodils after they have bloomed to help preserve them for years to come.

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Video Transcription

What should I do after my daffodils have bloomed? 


Last fall, you were out there, busy planting your bulbs and this spring, you're enjoying the beauty of the bulbs.

Here, we have a beautiful display of daffodils. Your daffodils have bloomed and many people don't like this look and they want to cut the foliage off. Do not do that. Many people then want to braid the foliage. Do not do that either.

Leave the foliage just the way it is so it gets the most light as possible. The foliage will slowly mature and die back. It will take about 60 days and at that point, you can remove the dead foliage.

What's also good is that you can plant perennials nearby so that as the foliage is dying back, these other perennials are coming up to cover the foliage.