Adding Green, Gaining Unexpected Rewards

Where sustainability meets enticing corporate center landscaping


Bringing a Late-1980s Property into the Age of Green

For Graybar, a leading distributor of electrical, communications, and data networking products, being ahead of the curve is part of the company's culture. But when they reached out to us a few years ago, the grounds of their corporate headquarters were not up with the times. They needed an update, and one that was environmentally sustainable and attractive.



Ground-Up, System-Wide Environmental Awareness

Once we came on board, our first step as Graybar's landscape planning and maintenance partner was a Landscape Sustainability Audit to assess the soil-plant-water balance. Based on the results, we replaced the mature groundcover with native, drought-tolerant plant material. Next, we cut the turf area down by a half acre and seeded it with native wildflowers. Our experts also replaced the water-management system and improved the water quality of the existing pond, effectively creating a potential future source of water for the grounds. 



Water Savings of 80 Percent and a More Sustainable Future

Graybar's grounds are now sustainable, with a naturally balanced aquatic system and a fully-updated irrigation system that provides efficient, water-wise coverage. Water consumption has been reduced by 80 percent and the landscape is thriving. Recently, the company made further moves to "green" their headquarters with LED lights in the parking structure and other energy-saving moves.  It may have started with the landscaping, but whatever the progression, Graybar's headquarters is now as cutting edge as their products. 

Great Service, Beautiful Landscapes

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