Adding More Curb Appeal While Increasing Sustainability

Achieving sustainability within numberous microclimates

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Twelve Acres, Many Microclimates, and One Big Request

Located on 12 acres with sweeping views of the Chicago skyline, Woodfield Corporate Center has been serving tenants since 2007. Business was good, but General Manager Edie Scurto knew it could be better.  

In 2009, she contacted us to help her make Woodfield's grounds more appealing and also more environmentally sustainable - no small feat given that the property has several microclimates, rooftop gardens, a pond, and walking trails.



Re-Plan, Re-Think for More Efficiency, Better Conservation

Working closely with Scurto, we developed a plan of action to implement more sustainable practices property-wide, including the use of mulching mowers, compost, and organic fertilizers. Invasive species were removed and waste was diverted to a composting center. To reduce water use, our irrigation expert did an irrigation audit and improvements were made to the existing system one section at a time. The watering schedule was modified for less waste, flowerbeds were made smaller, and xeriscaping and native plants were added to keep the aesthetic level high and water consumption low. 

Our team also manages the pond, which feeds into a nearby forest preserve, and with runoff in mind, used a predominately organic turf program. The pond water is treated to reduce algae and other invasive weeds while ensuring the health of fish and other pond life. Turf mowing is done in a specified pattern to reduce the amount of organic matter that would normally get into the water and thus require additional treatments. 

A green roof of sedum, planted and maintained by our team, reduces the heat radiating from Woodfield's underground parking structure. The addition of living walls on the structure helps reduce heat transfer and regulates the temperature on the concrete, extending the life of the structure and keeping the interior courtyard cooler for tenants to enjoy. 



Newly Sustainable Landscaping Reaps Awards, Draws Tenants

Through collaboration and innovative thinking, our team and Woodfield's property management company have created an award-winning sustainable landscape with great curb appeal. 

Woodfield has won seven awards in the last five years, including the 2014 Gold Award for Excellence in Sustainable Landscape Maintenance from the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association, and another award for Best Maintained Landscape from the Village of Schaumburg, where Woodfield, along with many other Class-A office buildings, is located.  

Scurto was pleased with the work. She noted, "The landscaping is key to setting the impression for what lies behind the doors. As a result of the new landscape and the awards, brokers are taking notice, which definitely improves our occupancy rates."

Great Service, Beautiful Landscapes

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