Creating Landscaping to Match a Legacy

Making a historical campus shine by creating landscaping elements that entice new students and creating outdoor appeal for current students and faculty

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Creating Landscaping to Match a Legacy

Mercer University in Macon, Ga., has a strong academic reputation that dates back to 1833. University officials know that the first impression of beautiful campus grounds provide mean just as much as a strong academic program when it comes to keeping enrollment high. Yet, when Mercer reached out to us, its in-house crew didn’t have the expertise or resources to go beyond basic maintenance. In addition, the university needed scheduling flexibility for special events and campus activities. 



Cost-Conscious Scheduling and Smart Water Management

We began partnering with Mercer in 2001. Immediately, our experts created a comprehensive daily maintenance plan with a dedicated full-time service crew. The tasks were many, but well thought out and efficiently scheduled to reduce impact on student traffic and eliminate interruptions to any classes being held nearby. 

Our team kept high-traffic turf areas healthy and vibrant. They created seasonal flower installations to highlight campus focal areas. Special attention was paid to the university's historic houses and the landscaping surrounding the president's and alumni houses. We also maintained the university's extensive irrigation system, which includes 35 controllers and 400 zones. 



Increased Enrollment and Glowing Accolades

Outsourcing landscape management significantly improved the look of Mercer's campus, contributing to increased enrollment while also reducing costs. In 2005, "The Princeton Review" recognized Mercer's "immaculate landscaping," naming it one of the top five most beautiful campuses in the country. While many factors play into enrollment, first impressions matter and landscaping plays a vital role. Mercer University enrolled the largest freshman class ever in 2013 and has increased total enrollment by 10.6 percent over the last five years. 

Outsource campus landscaping to unlock its revenue generating potential

The research is in: outsourcing landscaping and grounds maintenance has major payoff potential.