Howard University Campus Case Study

Howard University Nets A Restored Landscape, $1M in Savings

Resurrecting the campus to prominence instills pride in alumni


Neglected Landscape Leading Up to Graduation Day

Howard University’s graduation is one of the campus’ most anticipated events. As the university got camera-ready for the big event, perking up the landscape became a priority.

Much of the campus’ landscape was designed by landscape architect and horticulturalist David Williston, the first African-American landscape architect in private practice. Williston, along with architect Albert Cassell, oversaw the university’s first major expansion after World War I. Recently, the storied campus’ landscape suffered from incorrect pruning and mowing and overlooked weeding and edging.



Restore Vision to Prominence

We saw an opportunity to restore the landscape to something which honored Howard’s heritage. Our team proposed a plan with design images detailing the vision.

The design resonated with the Howard University team. With graduation only three weeks away, they were anxious to get it into the ground. A contract was executed the same day and work began immediately. Our team added evergreen shrubs, small flowering trees, perennials, and seasonal color, plus planters and benching to boost visual appeal at points of interest, such as building entrances and the famous quad. Care was taken to create a design that provided year-round interest with layers of plant material that provided texture and color throughout the seasons.



Pride Instilled in University and Alumni

We helped the university roll out the red carpet for their guests and create an environment that reflected the pride in their school. The university and alumni were thrilled with the results.

We are now responsible for the university’s maintenance, snow and ice removal, and arbor care. Beginning on the first day of the contract, our team deployed 45 team members, who spent over 550 hours doing detailed work to bring the landscape up to par before regular maintenance operations began. The team operates from the university’s campus, with a full crew assigned to Howard full-time, seven-days-a-week service that includes portering. Partnering with us has saved the university $1.1 million per year. With more money in their pocket and a beautiful landscape to boot, Howard University has even more reason to celebrate this year.

Great Service, Beautiful Landscapes

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