Increasing Curb Appeal, Saving Millions

Improved aesthetics reduces costs and liability exposure

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Upping the Curb Appeal and Reversing a Downward Trend-Fast

Asbury Methodist Village in Gaithersburg, Md., is the 12th largest continuing care facility in the country. When the management contacted us, the community's curb appeal and overall landscape were sub-par and the occupancy rates and satisfaction were being affected. Asbury's property management needed a way to revamp the landscape and further their sustainability efforts without negatively impacting their bottom line or their current in-house maintenance crew. And they wanted results fast. 



Short-Term Enhancements

As soon as we started working with Asbury, we partnered with their HR department to transition their current workers to our team of landscape professionals. We also developed a plan to complete short-term grounds enhancements within 90 days. To make maintenance operations more environmentally sensitive, our team used propane-fueled mowers, battery-operated weed eaters, and biodegradable plant containers. Working with Asbury's own Wildlife Committee, we controlled invasive species and planted pollinating trees, shrubs, and flowers.  



45-Day Transformation and $1.1 Million Saved Annually

The landscape enhancement plan was completed in 45 days, well under schedule. Our team also helped Asbury coordinate the sale of their existing landscape equipment. Renovations of the grounds surrounding the main office and community entrances increased curb appeal and reduced Asbury's liability with safer, more easily navigable walkways. 

Over the course of our five-year contract with Asbury, we've helped the community realize $1.1 million in savings. Better profitability, more sustainability, and a landscape that welcomes and attracts residents — that's something we can all feel good about and take pride in. 

Great Service, Beautiful Landscapes

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