Bridgeport Team Helps Restore School Playground

Industry-leading landscape and snow services company joins with volunteers to create outdoor learning space

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Bridgeport Playground 1
BrightView joined with UnitedHealthcare and Groundwork Bridgeport to restore the playscape at the Luis Munoz Marin School, giving the students a brighter, friendlier area and a place for outdoor learning.

Students at the Luis Munoz Marin School in Bridgeport, Conn., returned to class for the new school year with a brighter, friendlier playscape, thanks to a combined effort from BrightView, UnitedHealthcare and Groundwork Bridgeport, a nonprofit which brings about the sustained regeneration of the environment.

The school’s playground area had become dull and lackluster over the years, including an overgrown, worn-out garden space.

All that changed Aug. 30 when 30 volunteers from BrightView’s Bridgeport Team joined with dozens of volunteers from UnitedHealthcare and Groundwork to make a difference for these lucky schoolchildren.

“Painting the playground showed a real transition and dramatically changed its appearance,” said Justin Wolf, Branch Manager at BrightView. “The garden went from an unused space to a place that can bring tangible learning opportunities to students.”

Now, with the cleaner, crisper space, teachers will have the opportunity to take learning outdoors and give their students a different perspective outside of the classroom.

Along with the work to the playscape structure and the rehab of the vegetable garden, the BrightView Team also built and painted 11 benches, all made out of recycled wood, and planted perennials around the school’s entrance.

“We are committed to helping build stronger communities and helping people live healthier lives, particularly with the kids in our community by encouraging them to be active, as well as to eat healthy,” said Teresa DeNicholas, of UnitedHealthcare. “Our joint efforts will help that happen for students at the school.”

Even though UnitedHealthcare is no longer BrightView’s client locally (since moving out of its Connecticut office), that doesn’t stop partnership opportunities BrightView has teamed up with the organization several times in Bridgeport.

Bridgeport Playground 2
Along with the playscape structure, BrightView also built and painted benches, rehabbed the vegetable garden, and planted perennials.

“We want to extend a very special thanks to Justin Wolf and his team for collaborating with us and bringing their expertise to literally transform the children’s playspace,” DeNicholas said. “We appreciate all their hard work, efforts and commitment to giving back to our local communities.”

The Marin School, which teaches pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, is the fourth school in the area that BrightView and UnitedHealthcare have volunteered at together.

“The team from (Bridgeport) stepped up once again,” Wolf said. “I couldn’t be happier to be their leader. Special thanks go out to the enhancement crew and managers for spending time to give back. It’s always great to give back to the community and be part of something bigger than any one individual can create. Having a great team makes this possible.”

Painting the playground showed a real transition and dramatically changed its appearance. The garden went from an unused space to a place that can bring tangible learning opportunities to students.
- Justin Wolf, Branch Manager at BrightView

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