Riverside military wall of honor plaques

BrightView Helps Renovate Military Wall of Honor in Riverside, Calif.

Monument unveiled and rededicated for Memorial Day

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Riverside military wall of honor BrightView
BrightView installed more than 600 different types of plants as part of a monthslong makeover for the Military Wall of Honor in Riverside, Calif.

A Military Wall of Honor was recently rededicated in Riverside, Calif., in time for Memorial Day following a monthslong makeover. BrightView was commissioned to refurbish the landscaping in front of the monument.

The wall, which featured the 750 names of Riverside residents who lost their lives while on active duty between 1914 and 1997, was originally unveiled 25 years ago, but as the landscape around it has progressed with modern times, the wall has not. Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson and the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce raised funds to give this solemn landmark the upgrade it deserved.

“We’ve been servicing this property for more than 10 years and when the opportunity was presented by the Chambers of Commerce, we were highly recommended to take the project on board,” said Santiago Torres, BrightView Account Manager. “We were responsible for supplying the materials for the pavers and also planted more than 600 different plants.”

All of the design elements for the refurbishment had a special meaning behind it, including the roses installed by BrightView. The red ones represent the blood shed by the local heroes in defense of freedom and the white ones represent the memory of those who were lost.

The $200,000 renovation, which also included roughly three dozen new names from service members lost in action since 1997, was unveiled and rededicated on May 24, in time for the annual Memorial Day Remembrance.

“It was such a great feeling to be a part of this incredible project,” Torres said. “I’ve lived in Riverside my whole life and I have family members who have served as well. This project had special meaning to our crews as well. We could all feel what this monument means to the city and to all those who have served or lost loved ones.”

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