BrightView Redefines Public Space with "The Loop"

Industry leading landscape and snow services company designs, builds, maintains temporary public space

The Loop Long Beach California public space
A dormant space on the corner of Ocean Boulevard and Pine Avenue in Long Beach, Calif., was transformed by BrightView into a lively, community-engaging, open public space.

In downtown Long Beach, Calif., BrightView Design Group teamed up with Stereobot and Gensler to redefine the possibilities of an open public space. Because Gensler incorporated landscaping into their plan, BrightView was asked to partner to assist with design, build, and maintenance of this temporary public space. The collaboration brought a once-dormant site in the core of downtown Long Beach to life.

BrightView Design, Development, and Maintenance teams worked to together to transform the southeast corner of Ocean Boulevard and Pine Avenue. This location is now home to "The Loop," a lively, community-engaging, open public space that brings together the latest in building technology and visual impact.

“At BrightView, we understand and value the impact a public open space can have for a community and want to show that it doesn't always have to be what it typically imagined as a park with open lawns and shade trees," said Megan Horn, Associate Principal at BrightView Development. “The Loop is a whimsical and fun space that truly adds value to this community.” 

The Loop is now a central hub to downtown Long Beach and is already being used for lunch break yoga, art performances, lectures, and festivals throughout the week to enrich the community experience.

“This project is a great representation of our ability to service the entire lifecycle,” said Robert Rukasin, Project Manager at BrightView Development. “We designed and developed this property and will continue to maintain and enhance this innovative place.”

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