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Ellis Island Hospital Gets Makeover by BrightView

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Ellis Island abandoned hospital BrightView
Save Ellis Island, Inc., is working to restore several of the abandoned buildings on Ellis Island and in an effort to help, BrightView volunteers spent a day helping to remove overgrowth and mow the overgrown grounds.

Recently, our BrightView team spent a day at the historic location of Ellis Island in New York Harbor, reclaiming the landscaping surrounding Ellis Island Hospital. Team members donated their time and services to the nonprofit Save Ellis Island, Inc., to help clean up the grounds, clear out overgrowth, and mow the overgrown lawns on the site’s less visited south side.

Called Ellis Island’s forgotten hospital, the 22-building complex was one of the largest public health undertakings in the country and is where immigrants were treated if they were sick or needed to be quarantined upon arriving to the U.S.

“We were honored to lend our expertise to help revitalize Ellis Island’s south side,” said James Horne, BrightView’s Hillside (N.J.) Branch Manager. “BrightView has a long history of working to beautify and preserve iconic landmarks and historical sites, so naturally, we were eager to provide our landscaping maintenance assistance when approached by Save Ellis Island. Ellis Island is a national treasure, and we look forward to continuing to support Save Ellis Island’s mission.”

Save Ellis Island, Inc., is the National Park Service private sector nonprofit that has a mission of raising funds to restore 29 of the abandoned buildings on the island, including the hospital complex.

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