Keep facility grounds in top shape

Facility Executive: Keeping Facility Grounds in Top Shape

At commercial facilities, well-kept outside spaces are important to employees and visitors alike

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Creating a workplace that aids employee recruitment, increases productivity, reduces healthcare costs, and saves money may be more achievable than many property managers realize; if they are willing to shift their focus outdoors. “Facility Executive Magazine” highlights companies that are adding multi-use green spaces, organic gardens, barbecue patios, and more to increase the appeal and utility of their campuses.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals reports 7 percent higher rental rates for commercial offices with high-quality landscapes, which can be achieved through simple enhancements such as walking paths, shade canopies, comfortable seating, and attractive plant materials. 

The article in “Facility Executive Magazine” expands on current trends in commercial landscaping, including experiential landscape design, climate-cognizant landscaping, productivity, connectivity, and water management/conservation. 

BrightView’s work at Oracle’s Redwood City and Santa Clara facilities achieved a savings of $573,000 in the first three months after 50 conventional controllers were converted to smart controllers. The campuses went on to save 91 million gallons of potable water in the first year. 

In addition to saving water with smart irrigation controllers, several landscaping products are being enhanced to make tasks less time consuming, including the use of mobile apps to track and plan services in real time. 

“Anything that can help you understand, track, manage, and analyze your site certainly is valuable,” said Megan Horn, Principal at BrightView Design Group. “Long-term data collection will deepen your understanding of the site and be highly informative for maintenance planning and evaluation. I suspect it would also assist in management and overall facility planning.” 

To read the full article, visit Facility Executive Magazine.

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