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Landscape Management: How BrightView Does Safety

BrightView's Jeff Herold discusses Daily Safety Game Plan


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Safety at BrightView
BrightView uses the “Daily Safety Game Plan” to ensure that "No one gets hurt."

BrightView is committed to the safety of its team members, and with thousands of them coming to work each day across the United States daily, the company has defined and developed a “Daily Safety Game Plan.”

The plan begins the moment team members arrive in the morning and lasts until everyone steps foot into their homes at night.

To ensure safety, the “Daily Safety Game Plan” focuses on preparation for work, safe driving, individual work at each job site, and post-production.

“Our commitment to safety is reinforced through daily morning huddles and weekly tailgate meetings, new-hire orientations, and a buddy system for new team members,” said Jeff Herold, BrightView President, Landscape Maintenance.

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