Recruitment: Creating Opportunities in Your Company

Sometimes taking advice from others can help recruit the best team members

Jan 15, 2018 |

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Recruitment BrightView Total Landscape Care
(Photo courtesy of Total Landscape Care)

BrightView Chief Human Resources Officer Dan Dohar recently shared some of our recruiting methods, including technology and referrals, with Total Landscape Care.

Technology has played a big role in BrightView's success in recruiting with more than 100 branches now housing a kiosk, allowing applicants to walk into the branch and apply for positions right then and there. However, even more successful than the new technology are employee referrals. Dohar saw more current employees having their family and friends apply for jobs within the company.

"BrightView focuses on various types of recruitment, ranging from technology, community-based organizational relationships, what we call 'boots on the ground,' and employee referrals," Dohar said. "Employee referrals are actually the most successful; we find that our team members enjoy being here and like to recruit friends and even family to join them."

BrightView's regions each have their own college recruitment strategy and the company maintains its focus in recruiting students in horticulture and landscape architecture, as well as other landscape disciplines and vocational concentrations.

Dohar also shared how BrightView works to keep employees content and how its recruiting team partners with communications to utilize social media and to attract new team members.

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