Benefits of Working Outdoors in Landscaping

The Benefits of Working Outdoors

Avoid a stifling cubicle with a career in landscaping


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Ah, the great outdoors. There’s fresh air, sunshine (most of the time), and room to stretch your legs. And wouldn’t you know, it also happens to be a great place to work. In fact, working outdoors offers great benefits for mind and body, a welcome change as scientists recommend against extended sitting. Luckily, the landscape industry offers numerous opportunities to reap the rewards of working outdoors. Here are some of the ways in which working outdoors can be beneficial.

How Working Outdoors has Benefits
Employees with a higher exposure to natural elements report greater satisfaction with their jobs.

Improved Mood

Fluorescent lights and computer screens make me happy… said no one ever. Studies show nature reduces stress, especially in the workplace. Employees with a higher exposure to natural elements report greater satisfaction with their jobs than employees with less exposure. There’s even a term for it: biophilia. Biophilia refers to a human instinct to connect with nature and living beings. 

Improved Memory & Creativity

Biophilic workspaces have even been found to enhance cognitive function and creativity. One of the best parts of working in the landscape industry is that not only do you get to enjoy those benefits, but you also get to aid the clients you work with in achieving them, too. Here at BrightView, we help many clients add innovative outdoor spaces to their properties that give their visitors and employees the same cognitive stimulation.

Reduced Stress

When you feel like you need a mental break at work, where do you go? For many of us, the answer is outside. It turns out there’s a scientific reason we seek out nature. When humans are outside, cortisol levels (your body’s stress hormone) and blood pressure are lower. It’s like a big hug from Mother Nature.

Stronger Teams

Studies have also shown that being in nature can increase our willingness to be trusting and helpful towards others. Those are all traits that help us bond with one another and build stronger teams. 

More Energy

Another area researchers have studied is whether being in nature increases vitality, which refers to how much energy we have physically and mentally. Even when controlling for physical and social activity (which in itself can be energizing), the results of their studies seemed to suggest that simply being in nature has the power to give us a little extra zing.

Greater Variety & Adaptability

Can your desk change with the seasons or grow new features? We’re guessing probably not. But when you work outdoors, your “office” is constantly changing. That means no two days ever look the same. Plus, the constant change in environment can make you more adaptable. It’s for this reason some experts recommend doing team-building exercises outside to give teams usually confined to a desk exposure to some of those same benefits.

Can you picture yourself in a career that gives you greater exposure to the outdoors? Then you may have found your crew here at BrightView. Whether working in one of our branches, or at the corporate office, a connection to nature is part of the job. Check out our current openings and find your perfect opportunity today.