Saving the Bees

Hotels are trying to save the bee population by creating havens on roofs

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PA Landscape Group Inc.
Some hotels are trying to do its part in helping the dwindling bee population. (Photo courtesy of PA Landscape Group Inc.)

The world’s bee population has been significantly dwindling over the past few years, startling many globally. Many know that bees are important and understand their role in pollination, but are surprised to hear that they are responsible for the growth of over one-third of our food supply. Industrialized land often replaces flowers and plants that are needed for their survival, leading some hotels to step up and turn their rooftops into homes for bees.

One of our valued clients, The Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island, Fla., is one of 10 hotels recognized by USA Today as helping to save the bees. The resort created a haven for 200,000 bees and in return, the hotel uses the honey for the spa’s honey butter wrap and even in the Lobby Bar to create a special Amelia’s Blossom cocktail.

There are many steps, homeowners can take by planting bee-friendly gardens, using organic plants and plant material that is local to their region. Here is a list of 10 bee-friendly plants that can be grown in window boxes, containers or gardens.

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