The Wall Street Journal: Signs of a Strong Economy

Low levels of unemployment and high demand for H-2B visas mean there aren’t enough people working in landscaping this summer

Many landscapers across the United States are facing the harsh reality of having to cancel thousands of dollars worth of contracts because they simply cannot find enough workers to handle all their business. Some landscaping companies are even having to close down their business due to the shortage.

The severe labor shortage the industry faces is brought on by the lowest levels of American unemployment in two decades, combined with a high volume of requests for H-2B visas for only a limited number being released. There are several other industries being impacted by the visa shortage, but none more than the landscape industry, which accounts for 50 percent of all H-2B visas certified this year. 

BrightView, the largest commercial landscaping company in the country, is also the biggest user of H-2B visas in the industry. However, it is often smaller companies that are hit the hardest by the shortage, resulting in less revenue and sometimes in a closed business. 

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