BrightView, CBRE Install Trees, Landscape, Garden for South Dallas YMCA

Park South Family YMCA now has an attractive landscape and a vegetable garden to serve local community

Jan 03, 2019 | Blue Bell, PA

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Texas YMCA landscape BrightView
BrightView donated all of the plant material for the project and also installed 12 new trees on the campus.

BrightView has partnered with CBRE Group, Inc., the world’s largest commercial real estate and investment firm, to renew the landscape at an underserved YMCA in Texas. The Park South Family YMCA is a central hub for the community, but has had an unattractive landscape and vegetable garden that was never completed.  

BrightView employees led teams of volunteers from CBRE to install flower pots, enhance the landscape, and bring in topsoil for the vegetable garden. Members of the YMCA will now be able to grow produce for their community and also use the garden as an educational tool.

BrightView donated all of the plant material for the project and also installed 12 new trees on the campus.

“Trees play a vital role in our everyday lives by improving air and water quality, as well as providing shade for cooling and beautifying our communities,” said Lisa Colicchio, Vice President of Sustainability at CBRE. “We are proud to partner with BrightView for this event during Green Week to benefit the children and community at Park South Family YMCA today and for future generations.”

Now that the project is completed, volunteers from the YMCA will be coached by BrightView on watering and maintenance so that the new garden and landscape will thrive.

“This project is a way to help our community increase its environmental IQ while leaving a lasting, beautiful aesthetic, which is so important in blighted communities,” said Rodrigua Ross, District Executive Director at Park South Family YMCA. “Additionally, this generous project allows us to help our kids see the parallels between their growth and the growth of these gorgeous trees and plants, creating a visual reminder of their own strength and resilience.”

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