BrightView Deploying Zero-Emission, Low-Noise Equipment

Industry-leading landscape and snow services company is committed to deploying zero-emission and low-noise equipment in numerous markets this spring

Apr 24, 2017 | Blue Bell, PA

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Zero-Emission Mower BrightView
BrightView purchased electric mowers and other electric landscaping equipment in response to growing trends and customer requests for zero-emission, low-noise equipment.

BrightView, the nation’s leading landscape services company, is cutting a new path within the landscape maintenance industry in response to growing trends and customer requests’ for zero-emission, low-noise equipment. 

“We design, develop, maintain, and enhance landscapes for clients who have unique requirements regarding noise or environmental impacts and, in many cases, both,” said Jeff Herold, President of BrightView Landscape Services. “Recent advances in zero-emission technology are allowing us to look at this equipment in ways that will have great appeal for customers and help minimize our environmental impact.”

BrightView has purchased and is in the process of deploying electric mowers and other electric landscaping equipment in several markets this spring, Herold said.

“We continually look for ways to operate in a more environmentally conscious way and to assist our clients in ways that help them achieve their sustainability goals,” he said.  “We’re proud that BrightView is able to help lead our industry and pioneer the commercial use of this kind of equipment.” 

BrightView plans to have 200 electric mowers deployed by this year’s mowing season. The company also is piloting the use of electric charging trailers, blowers, trimmers, and edgers with the goal of having select teams pilot new models of completely emission-free equipment this summer.   

“When you think about the priorities of our clients, less noise can translate to better patient and student outcomes, more productive workplaces, or a more calming and serene community environment,” said Tim Russell, Vice President of Operations at BrightView. “This equipment has little environmental impact and allows us to be at the forefront of a changing industry.

Our long term goal is to significantly expand the use of environmentally friendly equipment that can withstand the rigors of commercial use.”

BrightView Deploying Zero-Emission, Low-Noise EquipmentGreen Industry Pros
BrightView deploying zero-emission, low-noise equipmentLawn & Landscape
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About BrightView:
BrightView is the largest provider of commercial landscaping services in the United States. Through its team of approximately 20,000 employees, BrightView provides services ranging from landscape maintenance and enhancements to tree care and landscape development for thousands of customers’ properties, including corporate and commercial properties, HOAs, public parks, hotels and resorts, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, educational institutions, restaurants and retail, and golf courses, among others. BrightView is the Official Field Consultant to Major League Baseball.

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