On Earth Day, and Every Day, BrightView Invests in Greener, Cleaner Landscaping Services and Solutions

Company’s commitment focuses on expanding green equipment,
water conservation, and ecosystem preservation

| Blue Bell, PA

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BrightView continues to invest in green equipment to limit its impact on the environment.
BrightView continues to invest in green equipment to limit its impact on the environment.

Committed to creating a greener, more sustainable planet on Earth Day and every day, BrightView (NYSE: BV) – the nation’s leading commercial landscaping company – reaffirms its industry leadership by focusing on three key environmental priorities as it designs and maintains the best landscapes on Earth: 

Greener Fleet: By deploying more battery-powered mowers and hand-held tools, as well as adding electric and hybrid vehicles, BrightView will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase use of renewable energy sources. Last year, BrightView invested in over 1,000 new pieces of electric equipment and added 400 hybrid or electric cars and trucks.  

Water Conservation: With many regions experiencing drought conditions and local governments enacting water restrictions, BrightView offers superior irrigation management services to clients, including smart irrigation controllers, turf conversion, and xeriscaping to better ensure water efficiency and conservation. Xeriscaping, a landscaping technique that uses plants appropriate to the local climate, can reduce water use by 60 percent or more.

Ecosystem Preservation: Every year, BrightView plants tens of thousands of trees, shrubs, and grass as part of its best-in-class landscaping work. In 2022, BrightView partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant 300,000 trees. These plantings help revitalize the ecosystem, while cleaning the air, filtering water, and sequestering carbon.  

“As landscaping stewards, operating in an environmentally-friendly manner is the keystone to BrightView’s core business beliefs,” said Andrew Masterman, BrightView President and Chief Executive Officer. “We take great pride in setting the industry standard to ensure future generations benefit from our responsible way of how we serve our customers and communities where we live, work and play.” 

Learn more about BrightView’s Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) goals and strategy in its 2023 ESG Report.

Every Day is Earth Day at BrightView

This Earth Day, and throughout the year, BrightView team members nationwide will volunteer their time and participate in enhancement projects and local events to make a positive impact in their communities, including: 

  • Renovating and rejuvenating community centers’ gardens and flower beds 

  • Cleaning up and revitalizing cemeteries and public spaces

  • Planting trees, building pollinator boxes, and releasing ladybugs 

  • Distributing educational materials and flower seeds at client locations 

About BrightView:
BrightView (NYSE: BV), the nation’s largest commercial landscaper, proudly designs, creates, and maintains the best landscapes on Earth and provides the most efficient and comprehensive snow and ice removal services. With a dependable service commitment, BrightView brings brilliant landscapes to life at premier properties across the United States, including business parks and corporate offices, homeowners' associations, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, retail centers, resorts and theme parks, municipalities, golf courses, and sports venues. BrightView also serves as the Official Field Consultant to Major League Baseball. Through industry-leading best practices and sustainable solutions, BrightView is invested in taking care of our team members, engaging our clients, inspiring our communities, and preserving our planet. Visit www.BrightView.com and connect with us on X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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Environmental Sustainability

These are just a few examples of how our commitment to sustainable operations is benefiting clients and the environment today.