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Our new customer portal provides a host of useful features in a secure, private interface just for you. Watch the video to see how it works.

(For the full transcript, see below.)

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Video Transcription

BrightView Connect Demo


Welcome to BrightView Connect.

This is an overview of what is included.

These tiles are links to available features. Links are also in the top navigation bar.

Kathy is logged into Central Coffee Company. She also manages another property called Everett Library Coffee House.

Navigation to another property is done by selecting it in this dropdown and clicking 'Go.' The 'Your Team' section, over here, shows the contact information of the branch that supports this property. Above the team info are the ‘Heads Up’ articles. These communicate specific information related to the property. They also include General BrightView posts.

Over here, on the right, the 'Let's Solve It' section, with the create request button, makes it easy to create a service request from any page. This is the form that is submitted to communicate requests with the BrightView team. The priority is set and photos or documents can be attached. The request will go directly to the property Account Manager.

All submitted service requests can be viewed by navigating to 'Service Requests' from the services navigation menu. On the Service Requests page, submitted service requests are sorted in the 'Open' and 'Completed' tabs. Details of a service request can be accessed by selecting the SR number. Viewing the service request shows the request details and activity. All communication is in context of this specific request. No lost emails or wasted effort describing a request multiple times.

To see the quality site assessments for the property, click here. Quality site assessments are organized by inspection date. The original document can be opened by selecting the name link.

Proposals are organized by date and status. The 'Open' tab has all proposals with a status of 'Proposed' or 'Approved' for work. The 'Completed' tab has proposals that are billed or approved for billing. The proposal number is a link to the proposal document.

Maintenance schedules are documents uploaded by the property Account Manager. They may include seasonal events or routine maintenance schedules.

A general question can be submitted on the 'Contact Us' page. Questions asked by using this form will be routed within BrightView for the best response.

Profile picture, contact information, and site settings can be updated or changed
on the profile page.

Thanks for your time.

If you have any questions or need help getting started, please contact your Account Manager.