Orange County Great Park

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Orange County Great Park features diverse amenities, vast open space, pathways, neighborhoods, and a sports park. The Great Park Neighborhoods are interconnected through walkways and a bridge, though each has its own distinct identity. The Great Park Sports Park is almost 200 acres of facilities for numerous sports. All of this makes the Orange County Great Park a special place to live.

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Video Transcription

Orange County Great Park


The minute you arrive at the Orange County Great Park, you realize it’s special. It comes from its vast open space, diverse amenities, and pathways, bringing neighborhoods and parks together to promote a healthy community. Key to this is the Great Park Neighborhoods – a vision from FivePoint of interconnected developments, each with a distinct identity.

Pavilion Park, the first neighborhood park designed and built by BrightView, was immediately recognized as innovative. The most natural park setting within the community, its expansive and diverse terrace includes a greenhouse, kitchen garden, and varied group and individual spaces. The design purposefully integrated dozens of existing heritage trees, recreational pathways, and unique play areas for a simple and distinctive landscape that encourages gatherings and engagement.

The Irvine Pedestrian Bridge unites Pavilion Park with Beacon Park. It was designed to not only provide a safe pedestrian and bicycle route over Irvine Boulevard, but to be an iconic gateway to the Great Park Neighborhoods. Its simple form symbolizes a healthier way of living and overall community wellbeing.

Beacon Park was envisioned to spur the imagination and trigger adventurous behavior in children and adults. At an important juncture of the neighborhood-wide trail system and shaded by large heritage trees, it encourages visitors to explore. The park’s treehouse, called The Lookout, provides a place for everyone to enjoy the cooling ocean breezes and unwind.

Located just down the street, The Pools focuses on the transformative nature of water and its role in physiological wellness. This park provides numerous ways to exercise, relax, plan, and learn through direct engagement in the environment.

Parasol Park, named for the great parasol pine that remained on-site and serves as a landmark for the community, is more contemporary, designed to feel like your own backyard with games, such as ping pong, hammocks to lounge in, and a lawn for informal play. It also features a greenhouse and community garden, as well as a neighborhood favorite zip line.

Bosque is an expression of the vast natural and native open space. Visitors get to appreciate this distinct environment while enjoying the walking and cycling trails and children’s adventure area. It also serves of one of numerous entry points into Orange County Great Park, bringing users through passive and active spaces alike.

Perhaps the crown jewel of the park system is the Great Park Sports Park. It features almost 200 acres of championship facilities for soccer, tennis, baseball and softball, volleyball, lacrosse, and cricket, including a 2,500-seat soccer stadium and live performance venue. Since its opening, it has become a central location for Southern California sports and fitness activities.