Taking Care of Our Communities


At BrightView, Taking Care of our communities is a core component of our brand and something we proudly do every day. This is just a few examples of how we are applying our skills, equipment, resources, and job opportunities toward addressing economic, social, and environmental issues in our communities across the country.

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Taking care of our communities


At BrightView, we believe that by taking care of our team's environment and communities, we advance our business and positively impact millions of lives every day. Our teams bring our BrightView promise to life by applying our skills, equipment, and resources to address economic, social, and environmental issues in our communities.

This April, more than 100 BrightView team members across Southern California donated their skills, time, and resources to transform Miracle Manor, a 28,000-square-foot, 12-unit apartment complex for families with critically-ill children at the risk of homelessness while their child receives care at a nearby children's hospital. In December, more than 60 BrightView volunteers installed Phase One of the landscape and prepared the first five units. Now after Phase Two, Miracle Manor has been brought to full capacity.

CHUCK DEGARMO, BrightView Vice President of Business Development:

We had a hundred people here today landscaping, painting murals, and building furniture.

VINCE GERMANN, BrightView Senior Vice President:

They were all excited to come and be involved in such a great facility that's being built here.


BrightView designed and installed a colorful, safe, and healing landscape. Volunteers prepared each apartment by building furniture, decorating kitchens, cleaning the interiors, and assembling welcome baskets. BrightView Design Team designed and prepped a 170-foot mural that was painted by BrightView volunteers.

AUTUMN STRIER, Miracle for Kids CEO:

Thanks to the partnership with BrightView and all of the employees and the staff that have helped so much over the last year, we're going to finalize Miracle Manor and welcome our families in within the next few weeks.


BrightView teams also fulfilled holiday wish lists for 200 Miracles for Kids families


I'll tell you, it was one of the most awesome experiences of my entire life.

CHARLES BLAND, BrightView Branch Manager:

Our branch takes a lot of pride working with the Gary Sinise Foundation on this project.


BrightView Landscape Development and Landscape Services teams across the country have been collaborating with the Gary Sinise Foundation's R.I.S.E. program to provide specially-adapted, custom smart homes with low-maintenance landscapes to our nation's heroes and their families. In Florida, BrightView was honored to create the landscape for the home of U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Brian Kolfage and his family.

BRIAN KOLFAGE, U.S. Air Force Senior Airman:

I served in the United States Air Force and I was injured in Iraq in 2004.

BRETT GRANGER, BrightView Enhancement Manager:

We just really feel honored to give a little bit back to the people that serve our country and sacrifice so much.

MICHAEL DOZIER, BrightView Senior Vice President:

The workers and our crews are really excited about the opportunity to work with the Gary Sinise Foundation. It's such a great organization. They've given so much to us and I think it's a chance for us to give a little bit back.


In Texas, BrightView teams installed a custom landscape for U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sgt. Guillermo Tejada and his family.

BRAD MORRIS, Gary Sinise Foundation Senior Project Manager:

It's a phenomenal experience to have BrightView involved. We're able to take what was typically a basic landscape package and now turn it into something that would rival any high-end model home throughout the country. Having BrightView here has been probably the most exciting experience throughout this entire process.


In Maryland, BrightView joined the Gary Sinise Foundation and local partners to dedicate a new home to U.S. Army Capt. Luis Avila and his family on Veteran's Day.

More than 60 BrightView team members from the Midwest Region and BES joined forces to transform St. Stephen's Community House in Columbus, Ohio. St. Stephen's provides programs and services that advance the self-sufficiency of Columbus residents. BrightView built raised planter beds, cleaned and assembled bicycles, and constructed new benches and tables to enhance the campus.

TRENICE SILER, BrightView Billing Administrator:

We're enjoying our experience today with St. Stephen's - the beautiful weather and helping out in the community.


BrightView also donated the installation of an irrigation system and new pathways for the organization's urban garden program.

HENRY PETTIGREW, Project Aquastar Vice President:

During the beginning when we were just talking about this, I just thought it was talk. You guys have proved who you are and I'm very happy. Thank you so much.


During the holidays, BrightView collected and delivered over 2 tons of food to St. Stephen's food nutrition center, a key community resource that serves over 10,000 residents during the holiday break.

Taking Care of communities is a core component of our brand promise. It's something we proudly do every day. Together, our teams are designing new solutions to shared social and environmental challenges and Take Pride in helping our communities prosper and thrive.