Your Campus Landscape is a Strategic Asset


With rising costs and decreased funding, colleges and universities find that outsourcing their landscape maintenance to BrightView can turn landscaping from an expense to an asset that works to increase student enrollment, alumni donations, sustainability, and school pride.

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Outsource campus landscaping to unlock its revenue generating potential

The research is in: outsourcing landscaping and grounds maintenance has major payoff potential.

Video Transcription

Your campus landscape is a strategic asset


Imagine a prospective student touring your campus for the first time. While your school's reputation has motivated the visit, now that they're here what stands out the most - the tree-lined walkways, the manicured green spaces, or the courtyards rimmed with flowers?

Considering that 62 percent of prospective students say that campus appearance is the most influential factor when deciding where to enroll, is your school making the most of that crucial first impression? And at a time when your faced with continued pressure to cut costs, why not let the experts at BrightView turn your landscape from an expense into an asset?

Having served over 400 colleges and universities, here's what we've learned over the years:

  • When you outsource to BrightView, you'll net an operational savings of 15 to 20 percent. In many cases, we hire your current employees, provide them with health and retirement benefits, as well as ongoing professional development and safety training, so those costs are no longer on you.

  • We've learned that consistent design and maintenance of beautiful, functional grounds leads to increased student enrollment, more alumni financial support, and a lot more campus pride.

It's also essential for those grounds to be safe at all times and in all kinds of weather. Our team of nationally-recognized experts provides a one-stop source for services, like specialty tree care, snow and ice removal, and sports turf maintenance. Plus, we strive to provide greener, more sustainable methods of care, like zero-emission equipment, water management programs, and green roofs.

From design and development to maintenance and enhancements, every need for the lifecycle of your campus landscape can be seamlessly handled with BrightView.

Together, let's sow the seeds for increased savings, tremendous value, and a higher level of service, making for one very rosy financial future. BrightView - nurturing solutions for higher education.