Landscape Construction Services

Seamless project delivery by a technically savvy landscaping company that delivers on your project goals and long-term expectations

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Landscaping Expertise

Brightview brings a wide diversity of skilled professionals, from stonemasons to horticulturists, project managers to landscape technicians—each with specialized knowledge and extensive landscape development experience. Our teams are trained in the latest construction methodologies and equipped with the tools to  complete your landscape construction project efficiently.


Versatility in Landscape Construction Management Projects

As an experienced, licensed and bonded contractor, we’re able to work in a wide variety of capacities, including project manager or general contractor, design-build contractor, specialty contractor or subcontractor. We have a well-established track record of project engineering, ranging from small installations to massive landscape construction projects.


Softscape Landscaping and Planting

Landscaping starts with the acquisition of high-quality health plants, which our purchasing team will source, leveraging our national purchasing power—bringing those cost savings to your project. The installation will bring the design alive, while considering irrigation needs to minimize the ongoing maintenance cost for your landscape installation.

Hardscape Landscaping

Hardscaping is the art of integrating decks, patios, gazebos, and other structures, as well as pathways, brickwork, and masonry into your outdoor space. Well executed hardscaping improves visitor traffic and safety, as well as protecting your property against soil erosion. With specialized skills and years of experience, BrightView’s craftsmen are well-positioned to build these permanent structures.


Pool and Water Features

Water features add motion and atmosphere to any landscape construction project, and with BrightView's multi-disciplined teams we will address all the technical challenges of bringing water, power and the right materials together in the right location. Whether it is a high impact fountain, waterfall, babbling brook or pond, the installation will be an aesthetically pleasing, safe and low maintenance feature that is a suitable habitat for plants, fish and other desirable aquatic wildlife.

Delivering Landscape Development Excellence

Bring big dreams to life with a simple “get it done” approach. Get your landscape installation project in the ground, on time and on budget, without the hassle.