Landscape Construction: Pre-Development

Let us handle the pre-development discussions with local government officials—from zoning and community enhancement to environmental impact

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Working With Local Government

We will work with the local government officials and the planning commission that oversees the jurisdiction for your landscape construction project. Before the designs are finalized, we will ensure the project falls within the city’s overall plan, development and zoning requirements—which may require extensive documentation and discussion to clear the way for a successful project.


Enhancing the Community

Landscapes that have a positive impact on the community are viewed more favorably which require drawing and documentation to help decision makers visualize your intended installation. Proposals often require details such as materials to be used and justifications on how the project will benefit the local community. Discussions with local residents may also be appropriate to preempt objections.


Amenities and Traffic integrations

With the introduction of new amenities, due consideration must be given to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, both during and after the completion of the project, as well as the potential consumption of any public or private utilities.  Other considerations include safety, parking requirements, trash removal, recycling and bathrooms.

Environmental impact

Water consumption, drainage, and conservation are a significant consideration in many communities across the USA. The impact on local flora and fauna—from both the installation and the ongoing maintenance of the proposed landscape installation are common topics for discussion. A site with historical, religious or archeological significance may require additional consideration.


Specialized Skill Considerations

Officials may require the use of professional landscape development companies with specialized skills such as hardscaping , especially for projects that have a more significant impact on local communities, which is readily satisfied with BrightView’s network of landscaping experts.


Financial Considerations

Before approving, local authorities will want to ensure there is adequate funding to complete the project, and that you are working with a company that  has a track record of landscape construction management.  Also, they will look for confirmation that any expenses incurred by the city will be recovered and any ongoing revenue generating opportunities.