Project Management Services

Keep your project on time and budget with professional landscape development project management

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Landscape Construction Project Management

Our project management team will build a plan that clearly defines the key milestones and identifies the timeline for each activity. A weekly landscape construction progress report provides full transparency and keeps you apprised of budget and schedule risk factors as they arise so we can develop solutions before issues become problems. Whether you are onsite or merely looking to see the end result, proper planning means you are consulted and can make critical decisions in a timely fashion as the project unfolds.


Resources and Capacity Planning

Our project management team will ensure that the appropriate resources are available as needed, including designers surveyors, engineering, landscaping, and irrigation experts, as well as skilled on site workers.


Equipment And Landscaping Installation Materials

Proactive planning ensures the right equipment, tools and materials are onsite when you need them. The timing of the softscape landscape installation phase ensures plants, trees, and shrubs remain healthy.

Paperwork, Permits, Approvals, and Compliance

We will take care of the paperwork for permits and approvals to ensure your project remains in compliance with local government bodies and applicable regulations.


Attention to Detail

The final quality of the project is always in the details—with project management oversight the BrightView team will track each element within the project plan to ensure your new outdoor space is in line with the original vision.



Working with our in-house pre-construction and estimating team, you get help early on and throughout the landscape development process so you can make the most insightful decisions possible for your project. Receive an estimate and constructability review during the concept phase to make your design dollars go further and confirm those great ideas are feasible. If your project is over budget, you can prioritize spending where it matters most without impacting quality. This proactive approach minimizes budget surprises and unwanted change orders; resulting in a project that reflects the highest standards.