Water Usage Analysis and Irrigation Management

For large campuses, HOAs, and commercial properties, a water management audit can lead to tens of thousands of dollars saved.

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Water Management and Budgeting

For large campuses and HOAs, a detailed water usage audit typically result in 15-20% saving in water consumption and can result in tens of thousands of dollars in annual savings. BrightView’s water management analysis is an integral part of a property manager's annual budgeting and cost reduction strategy.


Water Usage Analysis

A water management analysis starts with a comprehensive water audit and includes the collection of water consumption data from landscaping, people, and equipment on your campus. Analysis of the data leads to a water reduction plan and economic analysis to determine the effectiveness and return on investment of a water reduction project.

Water Reduction Project Planning

Water management analysis and a water reduction planning is made possible through our implementation of the latest water management monitoring technologies, understanding and adjusting for seasonal trends, comparing the water usage and potential cost saving against similar properties and reviewing best practices for water-efficient landscaping design and plant selection, together with a water-efficient irrigation system.