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Pavilion Park Green House

Supporting Our Communities

Our social commitment includes work that benefits the communities in which we operate. BrightView regularly donates time, expertise, materials, and financial resources in support of worthy organizations across the U.S., helping our communities prosper and thrive.

Highlights include:

  • HomeAid Atlanta Trade Partner of the Year 2019HomeAid Atlanta. BrightView was named trade partner of the year in 2019 by HomeAid Atlanta, a nonprofit organization that builds and renovates housing facilities for organizations serving families and individuals experiencing homelessness in the metro Atlanta area.
  • Independence Mall, Philadelphia. BrightView donated and installed 100,000 square feet of new sod (plus a year of free maintenance) at Independence National Historical Park in a partnership with the U.S. National Park Service.
  • Marjory Stoneman High School. Following the tragic events of February 2018, BrightView assisted students of Marjory Stoneman in installing a tranquility garden on school grounds, including a hydroponics display and butterfly garden.
Independence Hall Turf After
BrightView crews replace thousands of square feet of damaged sod and plants at Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia.


Hurricane Relief
A BrightView crew assists in repairs following a hurricane.

Natural Disaster Responses

BrightView serves as a community steward in both good and challenging times. BrightView has donated time, money and equipment to natural disaster response teams. In August 2020 BrightView teams drove into the southeastern Texas region hit by Hurricane Laura, providing clean-up equipment and non-perishable food items. BrightView recently assisted clean-up efforts for Hurricanes Harvey and Matthew.


Supporting Our Teams

Being part of the BrightView team means being highly valued. From our commitment to workplace safety to programs designed to help team members build skills and advance their careers, we dedicate significant resources to protect, promote and nurture our team members. We are highly focused on employee engagement, development, career progression and personal ownership and accountability across all levels of tenure and seniority.


Proud Member of the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP)BrightView believes in supporting the wellness of our team members and their families. A competitive medical, dental, and vision benefits program is available to BrightView employees and participation in BrightView’s 401(k) plan is encouraged. A centrally administered equity program and customized training programs are available to all team members. Additionally, any employee may report concerns to a hotline managed by a third-party. BrightView is a member of the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and works with NALP to foster employee safety. 

Supporting Communities
Volunteers from BrightView help to renovate an uninviting playground in Fort Carson, CO, into one families can enjoy.


Supporting Local Communities

The BrightView Fund for Social JusticeThe BrightView Fund for Social Justice supports organizations and initiatives that promote equality and inclusion in our local communities. BrightView is a diverse organization that seeks to be a part of positive change, helping bridge the social, educational and economic gaps that divide us. The Fund exists to support social justice, education and family needs in the communities in which we work and live. We will provide financial, in-kind and employment resources to empower those struggling with the consequences of injustice, helping them find ways to achieve their greatest potential.

Grant Recipients 
BrightView Presentation at Branches Florida City
The first grant from the BrightView Fund for Social Justice was presented to Branches, a South Florida charity.


Tent Partnership for RefugeesTent Partnership for Refugees

BrightView is proud to be a member of the Tent Partnership For Refugees, an organization made up of more than 130 companies worldwide.  BrightView, like other Tent companies, believe we have an important role to play in helping displaced refugees integrate economically into their host communities.  We believe refugees can bring new skills and experiences to our teams, helping us better serve our clients and communities. Learn more about the Tent Partnership here.

Social Responsibility Highlights:

  • BrightView's OSHA Total Recordable Injury Rate has decreased 64% since 2012

  • Our OSHA recordable injury rate is less than half that of commercial landscaping as a whole

  • Nineteen locations have gone one year without a single OSHA recordable injury; another 18 have gone two years or more

  • BrightView team members donate time to worthy causes across the nation

  • Every employee has access to the same high-quality healthcare benefits

  • In 2017 BrightView launched GROW, an initiative to encourage professional development and advancement for women

  • The BrightView Landscapes Foundation provides thousands of dollars in grants each year to team members in crisis

  • Our company dedicates more than 6,000 man hours every day to crew member safety 

  • In the summer of 2020 the company launched the BrightView Fund for Social Justice, an internal group that provides grants to organizations seeking to address the consequences of racial, economic and social injustice


    Supporting Gender and Ethnic Diversity

    BrightView recognizes that gender and ethnic diversity among its employees and management will result in a company with richer perspective and a stronger foundation on which to build success. BrightView strives to continue building a diverse workforce. 

    In 2020 BrightView established the Diversity & Inclusion (“D&I”) Council to develop and enhance its diversity and inclusion strategies and solutions. The D&I Council’s purpose is to increase diversity at all levels of BrightView. To achieve this goal, the D&I Council is tasked with building inclusion protocols into the company’s hiring, performance management, learning and leadership development, and succession planning processes. The D&I Council also provides education and training on unconscious bias and plans to host roundtable listening sessions to hear any BrightView team member's concerns or suggestions.


    Growth in Relationships + Opportunities for Women (GROW)
    Learn more about how GROW advocates for the hiring, promotion and retention of women at BrightView.


    BrightView founded GROW (Growth in Relationships and Opportunities for Women) in 2017 with the mission of attracting, retaining, and promoting women within the company. GROW is an employee-led resource group advocating for the hiring, promotion and retention of women across BrightView. Through GROW, BrightView provides professional development and networking programs. Since its establishment, more than 300 women have participated in professional development programs, and GROW’s co-founder was recognized with Comerica Bank’s Best of L.A. Women’s Business Award for her efforts.

    Aside from GROW, BrightView seeks to strengthen women’s representation in the landscape industry by staffing all-female crews (often 10 or more at any given time), and female branch managers, including Chequita McCullough, now a BrightView Business Development executive who formerly managed a branch in California. McCullough recently was recognized by Forbes Magazine in a story on women excelling in male-dominated industries.

    Members of a BrightView GROW chapter meet to discuss opportunities for professional development. GROW is an employee-led internal advocacy program for women.


    Advocacy for Veterans in Landscaping

    BrightView Recognizing & Acknowledging Veteran Opportunities (BRAVO)
    Learn More about how BrightView is commitment to military through BRAVO 

    BrightView is committed to excellence in everything we do. BRAVO, or BrightView Recognizing and Acknowledging Veteran Opportunities, was founded to invest in the mentorship and advancement of Veterans and foster their growth in the business world. Because BrightView operates with the highest attention to detail, dedication to our craft, and an unwavering commitment to give our clients and teams nothing but the best; BRAVO fits seamlessly into our core.

    BrightView Landscapes Foundation

    The BrightView Landscapes Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization created to provide financial aid to BrightView team members or their family members who experience hardship, such as natural disasters, illnesses, injury and death. The Foundation is funded through donations from BrightView team members who have the option to participate via payroll deductions, as well as third-party donors and matching contributions from the company. 

    Workplace Safety Commitment


    OSHA Logo


    A source of pride for every member of the BrightView family is team member safety. We have established and continually strive to improve our safety culture. BrightView dedicates more than 6,000 man-hours every day to crew member safety and we maintain a best-in-class safety track record, with OSHA recordable incidents at approximately half of the industry average. In fact, since 2012, BrightView’s OSHA Total Recordable Injury Rate has decreased 64 percent. Multiple branch locations have gone one year without a single OSHA recordable injury and others have gone two years or more, showing that our commitment to crew member safety is making a difference.

    BrightView’s industry-leading safety program includes mandatory “stretch and flex” exercise sessions before each shift.