Landscape Pre-Development Services in the Decatur, TX Area

BrightView is the leading landscape development company for commercial landscape pre-development services in Decatur, TX. With an in-house pre-development and estimating team, we ensure your project begins on budget and stays on budget.

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Your Landscape Pre-Development Professionals in the Decatur, TX Area

Let your BrightView Landscape Development Decatur, TX team handle the pre-development discussions with the planning commissions and other local government officials, from zoning and community enhancement to environmental impact. Learn more about how our pre-development services can help you below.

Dallas Arboretum Pre-Development

Pre-Development Services in the Decatur, TX area

Environmental Impact

When your plan calls for walls, count on our expertise for precise execution. Whether it’s an entrance monument, or a large-scale wall for privacy, security, or erosion control, we can do all this and more.

Specialized Skill Considerations

Officials may require the use of professional landscape development companies with specialized skills such as hardscaping, especially for projects that have a more significant impact on local communities, which is readily satisfied with BrightView’s network of landscaping experts.

Financial Considerations

Before approving, local authorities will want to ensure there is adequate funding to complete the project, and that you are working with a company that has a track record of landscape construction management.  Also, they will look for confirmation that any expenses incurred by the city will be recovered and any ongoing revenue generating opportunities.  

Enhancing the Community

Landscapes that have a positive impact on the community are viewed more favorably which require drawing and documentation to help decision makers visualize your intended installation. Proposals often require details such as materials to be used and justifications on how the project will benefit the local community. Discussions with local residents may also be appropriate to preempt objections.

Amenities & Traffic Integration

With the introduction of new amenities, due consideration must be given to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, both during and after the completion of the project, as well as the potential consumption of any public or private utilities.  Other considerations include safety, parking requirements, trash removal, recycling and bathrooms.

Working with Local Government

We will work with the local government officials and the planning commission that oversees the jurisdiction for your landscape construction project. Before the designs are finalized, we will ensure the project falls within the city’s overall plan, development and zoning requirements—which may require extensive documentation and discussion to clear the way for a successful project.

Gathering Place Pre-Development

Pre-Development Services near Decatur

Landscape Development Commercial Market
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Professional landscaping is key to attracting and retaining Class-A tenants. Our teams are experienced in building the outdoor environments that create an excellent first impression and enhance employee productivity. Whether a single or multi-tenant commercial office building, business center, industrial park, or executive suite, we’ll deliver a landscape that helps your business grow—starting with a finished product delivered on-time and on-budget.

Landscape Development Education Market
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We’ve helped best-in-class institutions across the country achieve outdoor learning environments that foster learning and positively impact the lives of students, faculty, and the surrounding community. From K-12 to college campuses, our team has designed and developed campus landscape with safety, innovation, and cost-efficiencies in mind. Our goal is to create an environment that boosts your campus pride, alumni support, and enrollment.

Landscape Development Healthcare Market
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When it comes to operating in a healthcare environment, our teams understand the sensitivities and nuances. Thanks to our extensive experience creating landscapes for hospitals, medical complexes, and long-term care facilities, we know no detail is too small. Whether it’s coordinating our construction schedule to avoid unnecessary disruptions for patients, or ensuring hardscape specs are conducive to safe passage for everyone—including those who are handicapped or injured—we build with healing in mind.

Landscape Development Hospitality Market


In the competitive hospitality environment, it’s difficult to stand out. That’s why we help clients develop outdoor environments that bring the wow factor. We’ve designed and developed more than 2,000 hotels, resorts, retreats, theme parks and conference centers, giving us unparalleled experience in developing landscapes that inspire guest loyalty. From spectacular pools to extraordinary entrances, you can feel confident every detail will reflect well on your brand.

Landscape Development Religious Market


We know religious organizations and cemeteries face tremendous financial pressure. That’s why we develop landscapes with an eye for minimizing ongoing maintenance costs, without sacrificing the beautiful, comforting environment you desire. BrightView has been entrusted with the landscape construction needs of houses of worship and cemeteries across the country, including the renovation of historical properties. We approach every project with the utmost respect and sensitivity, working closely with you to maintain the peace and integrity of your sanctuary.

Landscape Development Residential Market


Our multi-disciplined teams have created enduring curb appeal for desirable communities across the country, including single-family, condominium, townhome, apartment, and military housing communities. From small-scale installations to massive landscape construction projects, our craftsmen deliver well-executed hardscape, softscape, pool and water features that enhance property values and landscape longevity. Plus, we do it all with a “can-do” attitude that ensures your project stays on track and meets your goals.

Landscape Development Retail Market


Landscape should help you drive sales, not drive customers away. When you need a safe, enriching environment for your retail center, count on BrightView to deliver a landscape that draws shoppers in and entices them to stay. We’ve designed and developed landscapes for local and chain stores, retail centers, malls and mixed-use town centers across the country. Our team of experts delivers a seamless experience with an unrelenting focus on quality and cost control, whether constructing hardscape, crafting a water feature, or installing plant material.

Landscape Development Sports & Leisure Market
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Sports & Leisure


High-performance facilities deserve a high-performance landscape development partner. Our team of technical experts—including veteran sports turf consultants and agronomists—offer industry-leading expertise from the Olympic to municipal level. Whether you’re renovating an existing facility or building new, we have you covered with comprehensive capabilities and design-build services. We’ll ensure the exterior landscape and interior features—such as bullpens, wall padding, and of course, your field—are executed with the utmost quality and efficiency in mind.

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