Commercial Landscape Services in the Redlands, CA Area

BrightView is the leading commercial landscape company in the Redlands, CA area. Our teams are made up of experts from your community who take pride in delivering consistently excellent landscaping results for you.

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Your Landscaping Services Professionals in the Redlands, CA Area

BrightView Landscape Redlands, CA offers a variety of landscape services, such as maintenance, water management and tree care. With the San Bernardino Mountains as our backdrop, we create distinctive landscapes as memorable as Redlands’ famous orange orchards.

With a steadfast focus on you and your goals, we're changing the way landscape services are delivered. Our depth of experience makes us a seamless partner for the entire lifecycle of your landscape.


  • Turf and Plant Care
  • Fertilization, Weed & Pest Management
  • Landscape Renovation
  • Seasonal Color Design & Installation
  • Mulching
  • Storm Preparedness
Redlands, CA Landscape Maintenance Services

Water Management

  • Irrigation Management & Analysis
  • Smart Technology
  • Sustainable Enhancements
  • Rebate Tracking & Application Support
Redlands, CA Water Management Services

Disaster Response

  • Wildfire & Mudslide Preparedness
  • Fuel Modification, Vegetation Management, & Storm Preparedness
  • Identifying Safety & Liability Concerns
  • Plan to Minimize Damage, Avert Risk, & Swift Recovery
  • Restore Safety & Property Aesthetics
Redlands, CA Disaster Response & Recovery
Branch Manager, Riverside
Branch Manager, Ontario
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