Landscaping for Long-Term Care Facilities

A stunning landscape can help make your community the customer’s first choice and therapeutic gardens will increase both resident and staff well-being.

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Growing Revenues for Long term Care Facilities

A landscape that reflects your brand will enhance curb appeal and increase occupancy rates.

Residents at long term care and assisted living communities will consider both the indoor and outdoor living experience when choosing their home. The landscape design, and property maintenance, sets the first impression for families visiting your property.


Managing Landscape Maintenance Costs

A comprehensive site assessment and long-term landscape management approach help us identify and deliver commercial landscaping cost savings.

As the largest commercial landscaping company in the USA BrightView has the experience and purchasing power to minimize the costs of materials—saving that benefit our clients.


Increased Health and Well-being

Landscaping ideas such as activity areas and therapeutic gardens provide a sanctuary for residents and their families. Water features and seated areas provide a calming environment that contributes to the health and well-being of residents and staff.

Commercial Landscaping Safety & Reduced Liability

Our snow and ice removal services improve safety for both pedestrians and drivers. We keep sidewalks, roadways, and parking areas clear. We constantly monitor weather patterns to ensure immediate response to dangerous weather events. Our teams will proactively work to ensure ongoing operations at your facility.

Outsourcing to BrightView reduces your workers’ compensation costs. With commercial landscaping contracts, exposure, and liability for claims related to snow removal, ice removal, or grounds maintenance is transferred to us.


Landscape Design Supports Staff Retention

Beautiful, calming, outdoor spaces can contribute to staff well-being and retention. According to Colorado State University, 66 percent of people prefer to retreat to a natural setting when stressed.

Further studies found that 95 percent of participants with stress, anxiety or depression felt a positive change after a short time in beautiful landscape design.


Increased Sustainability

Our sustainable work practices, such as waste reduction, composting plant materials, and irrigation system assessments help you meet sustainability, water savings, and stormwater management goals.