Landscaping for Strip Malls

From essential maintenance to landscaping design and proactive property management, BrightView is creating safe, attractive environments in shopping centers - increasing foot traffic and store occupancy rates for strip mall owners and investors.

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Essential Landscape Maintenance Services

Reliable, professional landscape maintenance keeps your strip mall looking sharp and our unintrusive crews minimize disruption during peak shopping hours. 

Manage your liability risk and improve the safety for shoppers and store employees by trimming plants, bushes, and tree to enhance the visibility for vehicles and pedestrians. In the winter, minimize slip and fall risk with timely snow and ice removal. 


Reinventing Strip Malls with Property Enhancements and Landscaping

Strip malls across America are reinventing themselves as attractive places for local residents to shop and hang out. In addition to the usual chains and boutique stores, strip malls are upgrading to include medical facilities, casual dining, and even an open-air beer garden. 

Landscaping to improve the aesthetic appeal of shopping centers has also risen in importance, while the necessity for clear parking lots and clean sidewalks/walkways remains.


Site Safety and Property Management Risk Mitigation

Commercial properties, especially those open to the general public, require a meticulous eye to ensure they remain clean and safe. BrightView's trained and experienced landscape maintenance crews take a proactive approach by clearing debris, snow, and ice to prevent slip and fall accidents, and by trimming shrubs that could obscure visibility in busy parking lots. And if we see anything else that is of concern, we will bring it to your attention. 


Flexible Scheduling for Landscape Maintenance

Operating with your retail business objectives in mind, we offer flexible scheduling so that landscape maintenance crews work at off-peak hours. 

Eye-Catching Strip Mall Designs and Seasonal Displays

At BrightView, we help owners of shopping plazas and mini-malls create the kind of atmosphere that has previously been the domain of shopping malls and mixed-use commercial retail spaces. We go far beyond flower plantings, trees and turf maintenance - our teams use creative designs and colorful seasonal landscaping displays to enhance the decorations and storefront displays that are key to retail business. As the seasons change we are proactively adding property enhancements. 


Simplified Property Management Solutions for Strip Malls

Our goal is to make property management of shopping plazas, mini-malls and strip malls a breeze by forming a partnership based on our expertise and your feedback. 

Our sustainable designs provide resilient, cost-effective property enhancements, supported by experts in landscape maintenance ranging from big trees, shrubs, and plants to parking lot striping and sidewalk clearing. 


National Footprint for Multi-Site Property Management

With over 19,000 employees, 200 branch locations across the country plus a network of over 7,500 highly vetted subcontractors we have an unrivaled national footprint to cover multi-site strip mall property management. 

Our management services include dedicated account management, predictable budgeting and cost reduction considerations, with proprietary technology that gives you oversight on service activities via a centralized client portal. 

See services for national retail banks and financial institutions for more details.