Golf Course Maintenance Solutions

From private clubs and municipalities to golf resorts. BrightView's breadth of experience allows us to handle the specific landscape maintenance challenges faced by all kinds of golf courses. Although each golf course has its own vision, goals, and budget requirements, there are benefits that are inherently part of every BrightView Golf Maintenance Partnership.

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Course Quality

We invest in Ph.D level research and technology, which is typically unattainable for individual courses. This allows us to bring new options to monitor and improve turf conditions, and provide incremental efficiency improvements to enhance the player experience while reducing owners costs. 



BrightView experts and your on-site management go over every detail together as part of preparing a detailed annual agronomic and golf course maintenance plan, which is designed to achieve the course conditions you expect. This planning method allows you to benchmark activity on a daily, weekly, and periodic basis. It also allows stakeholders to have advance notice for scheduling adjustments for agronomic improvements, special events, and other normal on-course activities. 


Employee Satisfaction

As part of the BrightView partner program, existing employees remain on-site at your course under our management. All currently qualified employees are given the first opportunity to transition to BrightView, our employee benefits are competitive and our ongoing training and employee development programs allow the superintendents and crews to grow professionally. 


Smooth Transition and Training

In the first 60 days of your partnership with BrightView, our management team will conduct training workshops with your crews on grounds maintenance, golf course management and workplace and equipment safety - all leading to increased productivity and quality standards. 

Over the next 90 days, we will train your crew on our operating programs and illustrate how these methodologies translate into a competitive advantage for your club. 


Transparency and Reporting

We provide timely reporting on course conditions, improvements, and golf course maintenance activities - customized for your organization's requirements. Our end-of-season review report summarizes past year performance and recommendations for the upcoming fiscal period. 

Reduced Operating Expense

Our national scale and purchasing power enable us to buy materials, from fertilizer to fuel, at lower costs, and we can pass those golf grounds maintenance cost benefits to you. 


Reduced Equipment Expenses

If you require, we can provide top-quality equipment to protect and nurture your course. As a volume buyer of equipment, BrightView can provide the equipment needed for your course at a lower cost than buying or leasing directly. 


Operational Efficiencies

Our management processes, training programs, and administration technology will free up course superintendents to focus on what they do best: provide the conditions you and your customers expect. 


Expertise to Improve Your Business

At private golf clubs, golf is predicted to remain the number one reason for belonging to a country club, provided the quality remains higher than non-private options. Exceeding expectations on the golf course is critical to the overall financial success of private golf clubs. 

Within daily fee golf clubs, we have seen improved golf course maintenance conditions while enjoying annual savings of up to 10 percent. Many clubs have increased greens fees because their course conditions are creating demand. 

At resort golf courses, we prioritize resources and maintenance schedules to address the seasonal effects on high impact areas and resort landscaping. The golf course in an integral part of your brand and we uphold the standards that bring guests back time and time again. 

At municipal golf courses, our partners have found that partnering with BrightView is a smart decision that keeps the course in great conditions year-round and gives a predictable, transparent budget. 

BrightView is also the answer to HOA landscaping for those communities with high expectations for golf course conditions and player experience. We provide streamlined and transparent operations paired with advanced technology and golf course agronomic planning expertise. 


Outstanding Golf Course Maintenance

You set the standard, we make it happen. We’re laser-focused on continuously refining the science, technology, and operations of golf course maintenance so we can bring our clients a competitive advantage and a course their players are proud of.