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In the tiny farming town of Dyerville, Iowa, just outside Dubuque sits the iconic site for the movie Field of Dreams.  In 2020 a Major League Baseball stadium will spring up in the same cornfield and play host to a regular-season game. The temporary ballpark will pay homage to Comiskey Park, which once was home to the Chicago White Sox from 1910 through 1990.

BrightView will be a part of this special project by building and maintaining the ballfield, as we have done with other major projects, such as the Little League Classic, the 2016 Fort Bragg Game, the 2019 London Series, the 2019 season opener in Japan, and the historic exhibition game in Havana, Cuba. BaAm and Populous also were hired by MLB as part of the project.

Construction has already begun on the ballpark in Dyersville and this page will follow the progress of the project leading up to the game.


...and People Will Come

The stadium will host the Aug. 13, 2020, game between the Chicago White Sox and St. Louis Cardinals. This will not be the smallest facility to host an MLB regular-season game (that honor goes to the Little League Classic game at Bowman Field in Williamsport, Pa.), but it will be the first in the state of Iowa.

The ballpark will overlook the movie site and there will be a pathway going through the corn to link the two fields for people to walk between.

It has been a priority of MLB and its Commissioner, Rob Manfred, to allow fans to experience significant events in important locations and to create memories for fans who are outside of MLB markets. Everyone involved, including MLB and BrightView, is looking forward to delivering a great event, creating memories, and celebrating the theme of Field of Dreams and, particularly, its focus on families.


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Field of Dreams corn field
(Photo courtesy of Major League Baseball.)


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BrightView to Help MLB Bring Field of Dreams to Life

BrightView - Aug. 16, 2019

MLB at Field of Dreams Iowa

Ever since the release of the hit movie Field of Dreams in 1989, there has been little as intriguing to baseball lovers as the prospect of seeing professional baseball played in the middle of an Iowa cornfield. Now, as announced by Major League Baseball (MLB) Aug. 8, the movie will be coming to life. MLB and BrightView...

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Meet Murray Cook, MLB Field and Stadium Consultant


Murray Cook MLB Field & Stadium Consultant

Murray Cook joined BrightView in 2001. He brings extensive Sports Industry experience with specializations in professional sports venue management, design and construction. His industry knowledge in the most current methods of sports field designconstruction, and management has been implemented at sports...

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MLB Gives Fans Sneak Peek at ‘Field of Dreams' Diamond in Iowa

NBC Chicago - July 18, 2020

MLB Field of Dreams Game - Cardinals vs White Sox

We’re less than a month away from the “Field of Dreams” game between the Chicago White Sox and St. Louis Cardinals in Iowa, and Major League Baseball teased fans Saturday with a beautiful image of the stadium where the game will take place. The contest, which will take place in a newly constructed stadium...

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Field of Dreams Game: What You Need to Know About MLB Matchup in Iowa

Des Moines Register - July 2, 2020

MLB Field of Dreams Game - Cardinals vs White Sox

The 2020 Major League Baseball game at the "Field of Dreams" movie site is still on ... but with a twist. The St. Louis Cardinals, not the New York Yankees, are now scheduled to come to Dyersville, Iowa, on Aug. 13 to play against the Chicago White Sox. The game, which originally called for the Yankees and White Sox to...

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MLB Moving Forward with 'Field of Dreams' Game in Iowa Without the New York Yankees

People - July 2, 2020

MLB Field of Dreams Game - Cardinals vs White Sox

Despite an ongoing pandemic that has put the MLB season in jeopardy, fans may get a taste of baseball soon enough. According to the Des Moines Register, the league is moving forward with an Aug. 13 game featuring the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago White Sox in Iowa. The matchup will take place near...

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Cardinals Replace Yankees in Field of Dreams Game Against White Sox

ESPN - July 1, 2020

MLB Field of Dreams Game - Cardinals vs White Sox

NEW YORK -- The St. Louis Cardinals have replaced the New York Yankees as the opponent for the Chicago White Sox in the Field of Dreams game on Aug. 13 at Dyersville, Iowa, a source confirmed to The Associated Press on Wednesday. The schedule change caused by the new coronavirus pandemic meant the White Sox...

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Report: Yankees Replaced by Cardinals in MLB Field of Dreams Game vs. White Sox

Bleacher Report - July 1, 2020

MLB Field of Dreams Game - Cardinals vs White Sox

The Chicago White Sox are now set to face the St. Louis Cardinals in a regular-season game on Aug. 13 near the Field of Dreams movie site, according to Tommy Birch of the Des Moines Register. The New York Yankees were initially set to face the White Sox in the game, but the 60-game shortened season has led to more...

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New MLB Matchup Set for Field of Dreams Game This Summer

Des Moines Register - July 1, 2020

MLB Field of Dreams Game - Cardinals vs White Sox

A Major League Baseball game is still scheduled at the Field of Dreams movie site in 2020. But the New York Yankees won't be coming to Iowa to play in it. Instead, the St. Louis Cardinals are expected to play the Chicago White Sox in the Aug. 13 game near the iconic Dyersville diamond, a source within MLB confirmed to the...

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MLB 'Field of Dreams' Game May Not Include the New York Yankees

Sports Illustrated - June 30, 2020

MLB Field of Dreams Game - Yankees vs White Sox

A novelty Major League baseball game might take place still despite the coronavirus. MLB's "Field of Dreams" matchup between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox was originally scheduled for August 13th. In a recent statement, the MLB said there has been no change in the status of the event and...

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MLB Plans Game at Field of Dreams, But Will They Come?

Chattanooga Times Free Press - June 12, 2020

MLB Field of Dreams Game - Yankees vs White Sox

DYERSVILLE, Iowa — Spurred by a voice telling him, "If you build it, he will come," the Iowa farmer played by Kevin Costner dutifully carves a baseball field out of his cornfield and then watches as Shoeless Joe Jackson and his Chicago White Sox teammates wandered out of the stalks and onto the Field of Dreams. Major...

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MLB Plans Game at Field of Dreams. Will They Come? | Associated Press

YouTube - June 11, 2020



Field of Dreams Construction Work Continues

Ballpark Digest - May 15, 2020

MLB Field of Dreams Game - Cardinals vs White Sox

Though virtually everything regarding the MLB 2020 season is tentative and there is no game currently scheduled, work continues on the Field of Dreams site in Dyersville, Iowa. MLB posted the following images on its Instagram feed, showing work done to date in the area where Field of Dreams was filmed. Now, this...

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How the Field of Dreams MLB Dream Came True

Yahoo! Sports - Sept. 12, 2019

MLB Field of Dreams Game - Yahoo Sports

The news broke on social media midway through the morning of Aug. 8. Seconds later, the phone at the Field of Dreams farmhouse started ringing. News may travel fast in a small town of just 5,000 people, but not as quickly as it can travel across the world on Twitter and Facebook. One call turned into two. Two calls turned...

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People Will Come, But How Do You Built It?

Iowa Public Radio - Aug. 27, 2019

Field of Dreams Game MLB Dyersville Iowa

It has been 30 years since the movie Field of Dreams was on the big screen. A story about an Iowa farmer who mows down his corn and builds a baseball diamond on his land after hearing a mysterious voice. Although this movie is a fantasy-drama, Major League Baseball announced that the Chicago White Sox and the New York...

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Field of Dreams Game Planning Underway

Ballpark Digest - Aug. 19, 2019

MLB Field of Dreams Game Iowa

Work is underway for 2020’s Field of Dreams MLB regular-season game, with plans taking shape for a temporary ballpark that will be constructed in the Dyersville, IA cornfield. Earlier this month, MLB announced that the Chicago White Sox will host the New York Yankees in a regular-season game at the Field of Dreams site on...

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Field of Dreams: From Outfield Windows to Camera Angles, How MLB Will Create Baseball Magic in Iowa

USA Today - Aug. 17, 2019

Field of Dreams - USA Today

James Earl Jones, playing the writer Terrance Mann, rises from the wooden bleachers in the final scenes of “Field of Dreams.” He implores the bankrupt Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) to keep his magical baseball field carved into a cornfield on the outskirts of Dyersville. “The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been...

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‘Field of Dreams’ Will Host its First MLB Game. (Sort of.)

The Washington Post - Aug. 8, 2020

MLB Field of Dreams Game - Cardinals vs White Sox

In 1989, a film studio built a ballfield in an Iowa cornfield. Soon, Major League Baseball will come. The “Field of Dreams” movie set in Dyersville, Iowa, will host the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox for a 2020 regular season game, MLB announced Thursday. MLB will build a temporary 8,000-seat stadium adjacent to...

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Yanks, White Sox to Play at 'Field of Dreams'

MLB - Aug. 8, 2019

MLB Field of Dreams Game - Yankees vs White Sox

They’re building it. “Field of Dreams” will become a big-league reality on Aug. 13, 2020, when the beloved 1989 baseball movie will spring to life in the Iowa cornfields. As announced Thursday, the White Sox and Yankees will stage the first Major League game in the Hawkeye State, in a temporary 8,000-seat ballpark...

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