Coronavirus Job Search Tips for Recent Grads

Coronavirus Job Search Tips for Recent Grads

If You’ve Landed Here, You’re Already on the Right Track

Oct 05, 2020 |

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Job Search Tips for Recent Grads
Opportunities are out there if you know where to look.

You’d been anticipating graduation day for months, but what you couldn’t anticipate was that it would arrive in tandem with a global pandemic. Despite the best laid plans, sometimes you need to pivot. Job hunting is no different.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips for those just starting their career—whether you’re a recent grad, or a current student searching for an internship. The opportunities are out there if you know where to look. Here, we’ll spill the secrets.

It’s Good to Be Green

Landscape is one of many industries deemed an essential service at the start of the pandemic. Our services are necessary to maintain the safety of our communities and infrastructure. There will always be a need for landscape services—whether design, development, maintenance or enhancements—making it an excellent choice for a stable career. 

We might be biased, but we think working in the green industry is great. And here’s a shameless plug: we’re hiring. We have positions available across the country, including many entry-level opportunities. We also continue to offer internships. Our program is flexible to meet your school or time requirements, and best of all, it’s paid!

Think Outside the Box

You don’t have to be a horticulturalist or landscape architect to find a rewarding career in the green industry. In fact, there’s a range of opportunities for other disciplines as well—including sales, marketing and communications, finance and human resources. The same is true for other essential industries, such as healthcare and grocery, who not only need talented individuals for their front lines, but also in administrative and operational functions. 

Keeping an open mind makes it easier to find opportunities others might miss. For example, perhaps you had your sights set on working with a national company to take advantage of the advancement and training opportunities available on a larger scale. And while you might not immediately think of landscape, (surprise!) we’re a national company that offers all those benefits and more. 

Coronavirus Job Search Tips
One of the best ways to broaden your network is to enhance your online presence.

Brush Up on Your Network & Skills

One of the best ways to broaden your network and help recruiters find you is to enhance your online presence. Get your LinkedIn profile polished up, taking care to work in key search terms relevant to your experience and target industries. After, check out some of the professional groups on LinkedIn that may be of interest. Join those that best align with your career goals, and participate in the discussions—even if just to share an article, or ask a question. Doing so will help put you on the radar of hiring managers and demonstrate your passion for your chosen profession.

Persist & Take Good Care of Yourself

Even without job hunting in the equation, these are stressful times, which is why it’s more important than ever to take good care of yourself. Move a little every day—even sprinkling brief walks throughout your day counts! It probably comes as no surprise that we’re firm believers in the power of being outdoors. A little fresh air does everyone good, providing mental clarity that makes it easier to identify opportunities.  

Finally, once you land an interview, don’t forget to check out our virtual interview tips for advice that will help you put your best foot forward.

Whether you’re searching for a career in the green industry, or somewhere else, we wish you the best of luck. We’ll be rooting for you!

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