10 Reasons to Skip that Winter Lawn

Do You Need to Overseed Your Lawn?

10 Reasons to Skip that Winter Lawn

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If you’re looking for a reason not to overseed, this list will help!

  1. Save Time

    No need to scalp the lawn, prepare the seedbed, seed, water, or mow.

  2. Save Water

    Over 8,000 gallons of water can be saved for every 1,000 square feet of grass each season. Dormant Bermuda only needs to be watered once a month from November to February – even less if we get winter rain.

  3. Preserve Water Quality

    Less fertilizers and pesticides will be needed. Much of our water pollution comes from runoff of these products from urban landscapes.

  4. Prices for Perennial Ryegrass are forecasted to increase potentially doubling in cost due to a National Seed Shortage
    Prices for Perennial Ryegrass seed are forecasted to increase due to a National Seed Shortage.
    Save Money

    Save on the cost of *seed, labor, water, and gasoline. Wastewater rates are also often determined by your winter water usage and, if you use more water in the winter, your utility bill wastewater rates will be higher the rest of the year.

  5. Save Landfill Space

    Scalping Bermuda grass creates a great deal of waste for the landfills. Ryegrass clippings can create additional waste all winter and spring.

  6. Save the Air

    Gasoline mowers and other lawn equipment can contribute to air pollution and the scalping process releases dust and other particles into the air.

  7. Decrease Noise Pollution

    Mowers, weed whackers, and leaf blowers have become a source of noise in many neighborhoods.

  8. Save Frustration

    Problems with seed germination, fertilizers, diseases, and irrigation are all common when planting a winter lawn.

  9. Set an Example

    We live in a desert and this is an opportunity to demonstrate your community leadership with a responsible outlook towards our water supply.

    And the number one reason not to plant a winter lawn…

  10. Give Your Bermuda a Break!

    Overseeding can be stressful for your Bermuda grass. Scalping before dormancy doesn’t allow for adequate storage of energy in the roots. In the spring, the Rye also competes with Bermuda, creating additional turf stress. 

*National Seed Shortage – prices for Perennial Ryegrass forecasted to increase potentially doubling cost.

Let BrightView Landscape Services Help You

BrightView takes pride in the landscapes we create for our clients. Starting with the design phase, we aim to bring your vision to life choosing the right plantings for your environment. 

The state of your landscape speaks volumes about your property and therefore needs to be properly maintained. It will be important to balance the visual appeal of your property with the cost to sustain and protect it.

You can benefit from a comprehensive landscape maintenance plan designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, no matter the environment or season.